The development of e commerce in the company’s annual maximum of 5 million financial support

news from yesterday held the city to speed up the development of e-commerce, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional market work meeting was informed that this year in Chengdu for third consecutive years to support the introduction of the development of electronic commerce support policy, a single enterprise annual maximum amount of 5 million funds, which reward the most high 3 million, the highest subsidies 2 million.

"in the field of trade and business, we will with the commodity market in Chengdu International Trade City, Qingbaijiang District, Shuangliu County, Longquanyi District Development Zone as the focus, in the" notes "in the implementation process to actively promote the integration and development of real and virtual market, vigorously develop online wholesale, online auction of B2B e-commerce. Actively promote the central business district and the main business district information platform to support large-scale department stores, shopping centers, supermarket chains to build online mall." Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Guo Qizhou, to promote the traditional enterprise through the use of advanced information technology to achieve the transformation and upgrading, Chengdu will focus on encouraging the traditional enterprises to achieve online transactions or through self build e-commerce marketing channels, to join the third party platform in a variety of ways; on the first joining the e-commerce platform to carry out business transactions, giving 50% service fee subsidies the use of digital certificates; (CA) services such as subsidies given service fee of 50%.

famous e-commerce enterprise

headquarters in Rong highest award 3 million yuan

supports the introduction of well-known e-commerce enterprises. The international industry ranked the top ten or top three domestic well-known e-commerce enterprises to set up a national headquarters in Chengdu, regional or functional headquarters, national headquarters at 3 million yuan, the regional or functional headquarters by 1 million yuan giving companies a one-time comprehensive subsidy.

supports the development of e-commerce payment services and mobile e-commerce content delivery services. The people’s Bank "China payment business license" of the third party payment platform to establish a national headquarters in Chengdu, giving companies 3 million yuan one-time comprehensive subsidies; the settlement center is located in Chengdu, the mobile e-commerce content providers to conduct marketing activities, and give the changzufei promotion fee of 50% of the subsidies, each activity subsidy not exceeding 200 thousand yuan, each enterprise to support the amount of not more than 2 million yuan.

enterprises in the city in the city of

set the highest award 3 million yuan regional headquarters

development of Chengdu e-commerce corporate headquarters, support the establishment of regional headquarters and operations center in the city, according to the actual amount of investment in fixed assets (excluding land costs) 5% investment incentives, each enterprise reward maximum not more than 3 million yuan.

platform to support enterprises bigger and stronger Chengdu. Online retail enterprises to complete the distribution of third party logistics, the logistics of its insurance liability insurance to give a subsidy of 50%, the maximum subsidy per enterprise of $100 thousand. E-commerce platform of enterprises 2010 annual paid storage business tax, value-added tax and enterprise income tax 100 thousand yuan, according to city level part of the 5>

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