Ali network covering six continents security first globalization double 11

morning news to the United States and Africa users, can also happy to participate in this year eleven? Alibaba technical team yesterday revealed that this year, the Alibaba group extending overseas IT infrastructure to meet the first global double 11.

Alibaba technical support department senior expert Pan Jian, experience for the protection of overseas buyers and sellers of user access, Ali technical team made a series of deployment in June this year the new delivery of a large data center, for the protection of overseas business overseas; the number of servers doubled, up to 10 times international line network bandwidth; network nodes and overseas CDN compared to the year has doubled, and more comprehensive coverage, New South Korea, India, Macao and other Asian nodes, covering Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Oceania six continents.

According to the Tmall

dual 11 drill has been wildly beating gongs and drums has now entered the final stage. Pan Jian said: this year we have been able to do the whole link stress testing technology, according to the big data analysis, the whole simulation of the 11 day of the massive users browse, order, payment and other acts." It is understood that 11 before such a pressure test will be conducted a total of 8 times, equivalent to Ali technology platform in advance to experience the double test of the 8 times. These stress tests are not affected by Taobao and Tmall normal shopping situation.

November 11, 2013 morning, a minute of 13 million 700 thousand people into the Tmall, equivalent to more than half of the city of Beijing are out shopping. This year’s double 11 shopping Carnival will expand to a global scale, in the face of surging traffic, once the technical aspects of the security off the chain, the entire electricity supplier ecosystem will suffer losses of up to one billion. After the five session of the 11 double test, Alibaba technical team has the ability, the hacker attacks, local explosive flow growth, air conditioning failure and various uncertain factors into risk can be estimated, and the last more than 2 thousand sets of emergency scheme reduced to 500 or less.

Behind the

"emergency plan number dropped 80%, Ali technology gradually mature, it is like reading from thin to thick by the thickness of the same." Pan Jian said. (Sun Yu)

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