Taobao C store small sellers redemption you do not know the classic way to win

now young friends, the thought of entrepreneurship, will first think of the network, that network will first think of Taobao; so small Taobao C store started, but now the competition as we all know, segments of the small category, have already started the competition.

if you still want to focus on Taobao, then drill. Passenger car is a must. To promote drainage, taking into account the individual shop C strength of three ordinary boat Amoy students if C shop customer service, and often advise their operation and train, Amoy, perhaps you to sing anti cavity, what you don’t have much guest, store product sales, but also the personal C small shop, not what the guest your boat, not against the objective facts.

but also their guest, in the promotion of the time, but also to a selection of products (of course platform API acquisition except), if you can let them in the selection of the time, more easy and convenient, but rest assured, you are not in the source of those Tmall crown shop to dry out? Because is not the content of three Amoy, said here;

go straight dry cargo.

Taobao C store small sellers how to survive in Taobao? How profitable?

simple points; 1, to avoid the homogenization of competition between nausea, build the core competitiveness; 2, the service is king, do fine, to create intimate comfort;

1, to avoid the homogenization of nausea competition, differentiation to build the core competitiveness;

as long as you do products, not when the homogeneity of the product category unless your competition is not very intense; you are the blue ocean loopholes occupy favorable factors, but generally this is the case in today’s Taobao market, has been almost invisible, I love love business, in group, a group from time to time there is no blue ocean products consulting for reference, in this regard, I really Speechless.

often competition, we naturally aimed at users to take advantage of the love heart needs to hit the price war, but we need to understand is that no one really love cheap, cheap for most people means the so-called love and crudely made, cheap heart needs, after all, is to take advantage of after the sense of achievement.

a lot of women, in the supermarket to buy cheap discount products, will be at home in front of bestie said, this together was more than and 100, no matter this thing, if she needed, she felt, she accounted for a lot of cheap.

so, why should we get to play the price war? Why not according to their own situation, products, brands, to refine the difference;

people have no I have; I have excellent; people gifted me unique.

does not give practical examples, you will not understand, boat will take his own example.

boat do Taobao training outside the Taobao training.

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