On the concept of direct marketing model

direct marketing mode, in fact, Chinese still has a lot of prejudice, that is the so-called direct marketing, direct selling in fact is not as we imagine, there are still many places there is merit. Today we will look at the direct marketing system.

direct marketing is also known as direct marketing or direct marketing, can be said to be a media to communicate directly with the customer, and can produce the interactive effect of the transaction, it is also a kind of constantly update and enrich the concept.

because at first, direct selling is relatively simple form, that is not the manufacturers through intermediaries, directly through the corresponding sales or sales, product sales, product sales to consumers. And then they appeared, the customer by phone or mail order and order, and then through a variety of mail products will be mailed to the customer specified address, this way is now the online shopping or online sales is the prototype.

so direct marketing characteristic is also obviously, the first is direct marketing and reduces the cost, in fact, the product through the process less attached to reach the hands of customers when the cost is low, but also makes the product or service price is correspondingly reduced, of course, another point is that in this era Indoorsman Indoorswoman more and more, so that we can enjoy the happiness of shopping convenience and do not go out.

now accelerate the pace of life, but also to let everyone in the concept of time is more valued, and direct marketing approach is a good solution to the problem of time, improve efficiency, so that we can door-to-door sales in this way more and more keen.

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