Shang goods network CEO Zhao Shicheng to build high end e commerce company characteristics

days ago, LuxeHome network CEO Zhao Shicheng to attend the 2010 annual meeting of the AAMA Yajie chamber of Commerce said the new era of "Electronic Business Roundtable, Luxuries period of rapid development of the network has entered the full force, through the strong integration of resources in many aspects of luxury brand, fashion, e-commerce, such as venture capital, to build the high-end fashion e-commerce company Chinese most characteristic.

it is understood that this is representative of the new era of e-commerce and its first public appearance, a party attended the 2010 annual meeting of the AAMA Yajie chamber of Commerce and the famous economist Hu Angang, cultural scholar Yi Zhongtian, "entrepreneurs" magazine, Niu Wenwen and other celebrities and business executives. Previously, Luxuries network successfully obtained Steamboat Ventures VC investment institutions (Disney’s Si Wei investment) and Morningside (Morningside ventures) tens of millions of dollars in investment. It also makes the product network and its CEO Zhao Shicheng has become the focus of attention this year will focus on AAMA.


forum, Zhao Shicheng disclosed the LuxeHome network recently encountered "growing pains", since the line, LuxeHome net monthly keep users grew nearly 200%, growth in orders, the rapid pace of growth has formed a great challenge to the existing business team. "New era of e-commerce talent is the most expensive!" Zhao Shicheng exclaimed. The desperate attitude, will show Luxuries net greater ambitions – to create the most unique Chinese high-end e-commerce company, or is the subversion of the traditional field of e-commerce.

this line is only half a year of high-end e-commerce vertical website, a short time will be widely recognized by investors and consumers, mainly due to its new business model. According to reports, LuxeHome network is the first to strictly implement the membership invitation website dedicated to provide luxury bootleg, top international luxury sales service. With more than and 200 of the world’s top luxury brands through official channels, held online and offline activities to limit discount luxury salon bootleg form, provides the ultimate luxury shopping experience and the spread of luxury goods for the domestic culture growing high-end consumer groups and fashion. It created a number of high-end e-commerce in China in the field of "first" – the first luxury sales platform, the first strict membership invitation system, the first flagship online discount.

seems to Zhao Shicheng, access to financing and user recognition is just a start. In his blueprint, the future is still a product like apple, Google as great as innovative e-commerce companies. In accordance with the current product development plan, Zhao Shicheng said, along with the rapid growth of the business, the next 2-3 years, the product will become the most high-end Chinese e-commerce company reputation.

therefore, the demand for talent has become the largest network of goods is still confused". Within the next year, still need to expand the product network team to hundreds of people. At present, there is a huge demand for talent, especially in high-end talent, will soon launch a large-scale recruitment plan. >

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