SAC store promotions should be informed before the consumer price

[event] recently, interim provisions of centralized network of goods and services promotional activities management of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued "(Draft)", require network businesses in no basis or no comparison case, not nominal "the lowest price in the market, the ex factory price, wholesale price, special offer, best price and promotion, bonus the goods should be provided for the" three pack "service. The draft of a total of 31, the first response to the operators specified by the organizer identity of examine and verify, to the site in a prominent position in advance publicity focused promotional activities, promotional period, promotions and promotional information rules. In addition, the operator should be the promotion of goods or services price, quantity, quality standards, the use of time, use conditions, distribution mode, distribution, delivery time, price promotion rules and promotion conditions outside the scope of the commodity or service information disclosed to consumers. Advertising and publicity shall be true and accurate, and shall not be misleading and false representations of goods and services. As for the "first rise again" phenomenon, the draft shall not require businesses to vacuity promotional prices of commodities or services, if the concentration before the promotion to raise prices, should explain to consumers. Draft requires operators to sell goods or services after the completion of the promotion should be in the promotional page, the purchase page to inform consumers in a timely manner. If the transaction is not reached due to business reasons, the business should be in accordance with the provisions of the contract law liability.

[comment] "double eleven" trap "after the State Administration for Industry and commerce". Rules look really beautiful, targeted, that is, do not know the feasibility of geometry, because if the business before the promotion price, and inform consumers, it is better not to engage in this matter, it seems unnecessary. (Li Guangyan)

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