To improve our manager from a customer in Hongkong mine

always stand to the buyers to think in terms of novice sellers need, is the so-called confidant itself, victorious, constantly improve themselves in the insufficiency. It is necessary to become good friends with them, only the customer to accept you, it is possible to better accept your product.

was fortunate enough to receive a list of Hongkong clients for the first time yesterday. The Hongkong customers are more talkative, and he talked a lot. So we can learn a lot of things. I usually Taobao shop management is relatively small, mainly in the development of my pat shop, so I asked him: how do you find my shop?

answer: search ah, I want to search the key words of the product.

so that we can learn:

1, the title keyword must improve, you must be in a commercial release station to the buyer’s perspective to consider, if the item I will use what keywords to search for it


I asked: you should have a lot of the same product search, how do you choose to my home?

answer: usually search baby, I will sort the price, so you will see the cheapest.

so that we can learn:


shop price is not too high, you can try to moderate, when the release of goods is how much you search and others to sell the same goods? Your price is high or low? If necessary, you can take shop selling merchandise to search the special offer. Many people, the top commodities, the price at the end of the course, your sales will rise. I shop sells a lot of gifts and a pair of lovers, one of the original QQ doll, before many commodity prices are subject to a price, now all my tune, is the subject of a price, ha ha. This has two advantages: first, buyers search my goods when I will rely on the goods, second, when the buyer first saw the price is high, have lost the desire to buy. This may also be said to be a price psychological factors. Ha ha!

then he replied again, in fact, I want you to shop this commodity price is not the lowest, there are lower than you, because I just started looking for the service is not very good.

so that we can learn:

3, the seller service is very important, even if your product better than high, your service let buyers satisfied, he most willing to spend the money, ha ha, this is your advantage! So treat every customer we must improve their services, in a buyer when asked to do may reply to the buyer within one minute.

chat for a while, he said, at the beginning you are playing in simplified Chinese, now you play the traditional character, looks more pleasing to the eye. Ha ha!

there is also a bit I want to say, in the beginning of the chat, I found that the customer is playing the fan >

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