Novice do not help others to do the wedding dress sale

some time ago the domain name of the popular market, making some small long into a part-time rice farmers, even abandoned sites do minon occupation. Minon – a special industry, specializing in domain name investment, using their own understanding and judgement of the domain name, to buy cheap and sell at a higher price to do station, of course there is also a part of the speculators, the accumulation mode of price gouging, earn violence. Especially some entry-level agricultural speculators are particularly vulnerable to being millet fodder, and this part mostly small station. So today I want to write something, to those who have just joined the novice door.

from the station to the rice farmers in general there are two ways. The first is to register a domain name to the site, but because of other reasons not to do, some people just need to register the domain name, is higher than the price sold, the original can be found from the money, which entered the ranks of rice farming. The other one is being dragged into the water, see the online report XX company in millions of price purchased a certain domain name domain name, XX type value-added dozens of times, a thought to germination, if I can register a good domain name, one day there will be someone to buy. This is the idea of a meter.

really high priced domain names emerge in an endless stream, but the general high priced domain name must have his value, not all of the domain names can be sold to astronomical. And there are a lot of things you can only see the surface of the specific operation inside you can not see. The price of the domain name itself is a kind of hype, a site can quickly enhance the visibility of the method, people may have to buy the domain name into the advertising budget. And they reported the hundreds of thousands of millions, but the specific number of anyone but they also said it was not clear.

received minon easily as cannon fodder. I want to. The word itself should not be difficult to understand, what is the meter circle cannon fodder, for example I. We all know that very popular some time ago the four letters COM domain name, when the end of the 07 year was registered out, starting from a 08 surge in the price several times, some even better several times to several hundred times, why prices rose so high, not a word. Some say it is hard currency, some say hype. What is hard currency, Baidu you know. To calculate an account number 4, pure English letter domain is 4 times 26 is 456976, do stand estimates even a Chengdu not to say, there are hundreds of thousands of domain names did not create any value, general webmaster hand not idle domain name certainly not much, even if there is also ready to do the station. So most rice farmers in some hands, and a large part in some strong rice farmers. But although the strong rice agricultural capital investment is to make money, do not stand so much what is the use of domain name, so they began to hype, also has higher than the market price to collect idle domain, this will inevitably lead to follow suit, and the suit is mostly in road near the small farmers. So that people can not stand to do all of the garbage domain name to throw, the cost of the back, leaving the basic is a terminal market, is a good potential with a meter of the domain name. Millet farming became cannon

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