To curb the overheated market the domain name market but add fuel to the flames

      economic growth we are well aware of his danger, such as real estate, fast growth leading to rapid growth in housing prices, has exceeded the capacity of people, so the national policies to curb real estate growth; and the stock market, rose is too outrageous so, the government introduced a tax increase measures to make the healthy development of the stock market.

      while in the domain name market, regulators take the opposite.

      according to the "nineteenth Chinese Internet development report: macro situation" data released: Chinese total domain (including China national top-level domain CN and COM, NET, ORG and other gTLDs) is 4109020, the number of domain names to CN at the end of 1803393, the number of sites for the 843000 China the number of sites, under CN 367418.

      see from here: take the site domain name domain name accounted for the proportion of the total number of 843000/4109020=20.5%, CN, 367418/1803393=20.4% domain name do stand. The actual utilization of the domain name is very low, probably only about 1/5. Now most of the domain names are sleeping in the hands of real use of rice farming, the site of the proportion is very low, the domain name market this situation is worrying, a domain name is reflected in the value of the site, only a good domain name and a good website match can generate greater the social and economic benefits, the 3 year old child knows this truth.

      the domain name in contradiction with low rate should be how to resolve it, I’m afraid we all think is the domain name administration of CNNIC should consider the issue, a pressing matter of the moment is to combat the domain name speculation, but everyone was disappointed, for the status of the domain name market xuhuo rise, CNNIC will not fire, but take the add fuel to the flames practice registration everywhere preaching CN domain name to 1000W is reasonable, has launched 8 yuan, 5 yuan registration price, finally unexpectedly also became 1 yuan, after this round of bombing, CN domain name registrations in March has exceeded 3 million 800 thousand, compared to February increased more than 1 times, the performance of CNNIC is amazing, equivalent to the amount of the past 10 years registered a month of growth! My God, CNNIC is brilliant, but think of the past 10 years registered the domain name do station is only 20%, that this month growth domain do website? No, in fact, this part of the 99.9% growth to minon hands, now minon thousand names are not meet and greet others feel shy, no more than 500 are not claiming to be the rice farmers, more than 2000 are.

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