Moutai liquor dealers how to survive the nternet increases again

a few days ago Moutai liquor factory price again increased by twenty percent – thirty percent, the face of Moutai wine prices, wine how to do e-commerce in the Internet? Follow Moutai wine price or find other ways to keep prices unchanged? These problems are related to Internet business decision-making matters, Moutai liquor the price is not the price is higher, more is the liquor brand value upgrade again, as the Internet in Moutai dealers how to wind the price of wine promotion in life? The following small to talk about some personal views.

Moutai "sajiufeng", the Internet with



news from the figure we can see that Moutai sajiufeng, after a lapse of 21 months after the first price, the price as the Internet Dealer whether to go with the stream? As the Internet dealers have mastered certain resources, but these resources are not wireless, Moutai, the price is not only a test of the reality of dealers, and more the Internet is so dealers, with Moutai sajiufeng as Internet companies how to take time for


its way: you go up my discount

Internet companies and the reality of the dealers have a big difference, as they tend to Internet companies in reality are firm level, so they took the price lower than the dealer, this is the advantage of Internet companies, to remove the facade price and the price of transportation, a bottle of wine, Moutai should be able to tens of hundreds of dollars. The Moutai price, then the Internet companies also have their own advantages, the price can go up, but also can discount the way to create a bright spot, this is typical of you I also rose up, but I also rose on the discount, discount price and the price before the price is flat on it.

follow it to the line: you rise I explain

Explain why

wine Moutai prices is not sufficient, but as Internet companies we have to fully explain, Internet companies think the price should rise a little, then you can go up, but must announce its reasons for the rise, what things are there is a reason in the process of change, our price is not the exception, let the customer feel this is the victory, but also sincerely convinced, operator of the road. Moutai is a public explanation to reduce dealer profits, in fact, I think the price of Internet companies can be summarized as Moutai’s rarity, Moutai’s annual output is fixed, with the environmental pollution, the production would be decreased year by year, maybe this is the price.

price Moutai wine: you up my price

you rise me down, for the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day coming this year, if the price of Moutai wine can lower prices, I believe that the sales will increase many times, as Internet companies we can engage in some promotional activities, after how many to buy can be appropriate to lower the price, we should not underestimate.

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