Li Kaifu talk about how to make money on the nternet

The rise and development of

the Internet is not only one of the greatest miracle, we create in the information era, in fact, it is the last fifty years of life habits and behavior of people influence factors of the largest technology. As long as we see everything happening around it is not difficult to understand, not what can to personal life, interpersonal communication, education and training, entertainment, business management, finance and trade, international exchanges and marriage, birth and death in all aspects as deeply as the Internet, have no what can be like the Internet will be hundreds of millions of the world’s different colors, different races, different people of different backgrounds to attract a virtual world.

different users, different money making model

what is the difference between China’s Internet, China’s Internet is very large, almost 290 million last year, has exceeded the total population of the United States, it can be said that China has become a big country in the internet. The pattern of China’s Internet use is no different from that of the United states. Look at the application in China is very popular, such as online reading news. E-mail is used a little more in the United States, but the difference is not great. Many Americans would assume that an Internet model in the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States if done, will be successful in china. But this assumption is wrong, the behavior of almost all the countries of the Internet, the Internet is a reflection of the user’s mirror, they are happy to be able to react, they can react to the curious, they reacted with anger. There are some differences in the Internet in different parts of the world, such as open access to information, access to the humanities, e-mail, public search, which in many countries, but the content is not the same. If sociologists look at this issue, they will agree that the state and the people are different, and the Internet is different. Some Chinese company more agile, and understand their own situation, will develop faster, many companies in the United States because of this reason, with the local market difficulties, Google did not give up China market, we do a good job, but that we are not doing the best.

how to make money in China’s e-commerce

talk about the differences and similarities of the Internet in different countries, such as the use of regulatory models, as well as people’s situation. For example, the United States, each family has a credit card, credit card penetration rate is relatively low, the average 200 people have a credit card. It’s not about the economy, but it doesn’t believe that 40 years ago, the United States did a lot of credit card issuance in the past 30 years. Let people believe that the Internet takes time, so there is a means of payment in e-commerce in china. Alibaba (14,0.34,2.49%) is a platform to put the money there, open an account, you can pay, solve the problem of credit. Taobao is a subsidiary of Alibaba, to take other very good practice, is to cancel the fees, this trick is very attractive.

recently Alibaba did some advertising,

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