Li Guoqing price war will continue to have a large electricity supplier died

is known as "Lee cannon" said head Li Guoqing low-key Chengdu yesterday. In an interview with reporters Tianfuzaobao, Li Guoqing does not change the "mouth" color, the first is the truth " settled Tmall very worthwhile, then pointed out that the vertical electricity supplier does not do well, because not enough vertical". He boldly predicted that in 2013, the electricity supplier financing companies will be more difficult, but the price war will continue, there will be a large electricity supplier companies die, the entire electricity supplier industry will be a loss, collapse, mergers and acquisitions climax."

in accordance with the deployment of Li Guoqing, the future Dangdang will be in accordance with books, maternal and child, clothing, home textiles, four legs line go. The fell out of the first camp business ", Li Guoqing sniff at," I don’t care to do a comprehensive class of the first category, I only want to do high-end category Dangdang electricity supplier

first! "

talk about double 11

"first orders are expected to double the order quadruple from about 200000 into about 600000 orders. This is not expected."

talk about earnings

loss is our current business strategy, in exchange for the rapid growth of the scale."

talk about price war

"price war, it is playing your capital reserve. Dangdang three quarter loss of $100 million, there are currently 1 billion 400 million yuan in cash, but also a loss of a year and a half."

talk about trends

"is a pre-sale business model; one is to highlight the personalization; one is the customer independent pricing. Only to achieve these three models, I think, the electricity supplier is really idealized."

settled Tmall very cost-effective "double 11" order quadruple

October 30th, Dangdang officially settled in Tmall. 12 days later, Tmall’s double big promotion kicked off the curtain, as a rival Dangdang before, this time to participate in the camp to become a member of the big promotion. "Every war must is in November, was also our anniversary month." From the airport to rush, also did not care to drink slobber, Li Guoqing is surrounded by reporters, "we expect to come up with 400 thousand kinds of books, in addition to professional books, the rest are reduced to 50 percent off; the first orders are expected to double the order quadruple from about 200000 into about 600000 orders." Li Guoqing opened his eyes. "It’s not expected."

final data, in the double 11 day, Dangdang’s Tmall flagship store sales exceeded $10 million, Dangdang’s own clothing sales reached $22 million. "I am very satisfied with the sales growth of the day." Li Guoqing leaned back with a smile on his face.

Dangdang settled for Tmall, a lot of people have issued Dangdang has missed the first camp of the electricity supplier or marginalized questioned. For this argument, Li Guoqing from the nose reveals a "cold air". "Those who say so,"

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