To test a hand flying license SF express a devaluation of the domestic UAV flying 500 sorties

IT message / Li Dong (IT times chief correspondent)

in tact, Taobao, shop No. 1 enterprises gradually eyeing the UAV courier, SF has a pioneer force in the Pearl River Delta region, with the density of 500 vehicles per day of flight, the UAV courier business pushing in the mountainous area, remote villages of rural market.

respond to the rise of the UAV express, mapping market demand, the corresponding domestic industry regulation is also clear. Owners and drivers association with Chinese aircraft (AOPA) as the representative of the Department, is promoting the UAV industry, flight standards compliance. This means that, after the driver’s license, airworthiness certification, apply for airspace permission, will become the industry enterprises and practitioners of the standard of "three steps".

first in the countryside, mountain fly up

"in cooperation with the flying SF express enterprise, is not a simple drone express delivery, but to provide automation system including landing, scheduling, management." Polar flying technology founder Peng Bin told "IT times" reporter, the UAV express their cooperation and SF is the third generation system, has high density test flight in Guangzhou, Zhejiang and other regions: "now every day there are 500 drones in Shenzhen and Huizhou on the air express, the whole UAV launch the scale will reach thousands of aircraft around."

UAV express mode

in SF driven, using the flight scheduling system of a system by all-weather aircraft, remote dispatch system, ground receiving site and third party (civil aviation regulatory authorities). When the unmanned aerial vehicle transceiver site after receiving the mission, the courier will be equipped with a courier UAV into the designated location, by scanning the gun to confirm flight information, unmanned machine to verify the accuracy of the information automatically take off. At the same time, the UAV stopped at the designated location, another member with a gun scan confirmed flight arrival, no chance to return automatically.

reporter learned that, at present the SF UAV pilot routes include mountains, large lakes and reservoirs in remote rural areas, etc., in the Pearl River Delta region to flight density 500 vehicles per day, the pre flight field data collection, provide data support for building the future overall operation, dispatching system. In this way, when the SF group built a large UAV delivery network, will greatly enhance the rural market in remote areas, transport logistics capability, shorten the delivery time of shipment.

however, Peng Bin also said the UAV logistics, mainly used in remote areas, or between sites of emergency logistics express delivery and other special scene, the logistics of the enterprise niche applications demand is not very large, a short time is difficult to meet directly with consumers: "this industry is still in the early stages the bud stage, the market is far not ushered in the explosive demand and application delivery to consumers in the public market is not realistic, compared with rural logistics, agriculture, mapping and other industry application market space will be greater."


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