The experience of the economy into the electricity supplier ready

talked about the past year’s economic hot words, the experience economy is probably not around the past one.

Especially in the current

, "before the tiger art electricity supplier, after the pursuers, galleries, auction, exhibition and other traditional line art trading as the tiger in front of the way, firmly occupy the art market share of more than ninety percent; behind Taobao, Suning, Gome and other veteran electric hot pursuit, look at fiercely as a tiger does. It is undeniable that the electricity supplier to do these works of art are not very good, most collectors of online transactions not how to buy it, so the transformation of marketing experience, experience economy has become the main way to break the current predicament of art electricity supplier.

The American economist

Joseph · pine and James · Gilmore published the "experience economy" a book in 1999, that people are moving towards the era of experience economy, experience economy will replace the service economy. The enterprise takes the service as the stage, take the commodity as the prop, take the consumer as the center, creates can enable the consumer to participate, is worth the consumer recall the activity. In the process of consumer participation, the memory of the process has long been retained. If the experience of beauty, Feiwomoshu, can not be copied, can not be transferred, the consumers are willing to pay for the experience.

today, some works of art such as Hi, HIHEY business shop, has already begun trying to "experience economy", has made some gratifying results, from Online to Offline, they open up between artists and collectors of the blind spots and obstacles, the establishment of a trust and a happy harvest, the final consumption of cooperation.

Hi store

"Hi shop", relying on the "Hi" and art media set up under the line experience Media "Hi21 Art Fair", a young artist for the expo. This Expo booth for artists to open free of charge, through the selection and communication team of experts, for the vast majority of works have reached a certain maturity, outstanding artists, but has not yet entered the gallery view provides a communication with the outside world, and trading platform. With the online Expo "Hi shop" business platform line depth cooperation, to create a distinctive art market "". Very interested in most collectors of "Art Fair" this exhibition form, this is a free choice of space, with the traditional fair leisure pleasure, new art works a lot of options available, the young collectors experience is to have great originality".


April 12, 2014, HIHEY held a creative O2O Art Festival in Shanghai 1929 Art Space – HIHEY ART SHANGHAI art exhibition in Shanghai. During the exhibition, the artist HIHEY directly to the front, so that artists and collectors of the first intimate contact, the face-to-face communication can enhance the experience of art collectors, is also a very good publicity to the artist. After Shanghai

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