CEO car home to Qin entrepreneurship is simply the choice of execution

entrepreneurship, in simple terms, one is the choice, one is the implementation of.

elements of business success are often the vision of choice and never give up. In other words, how to find a fast growing, unique market and how to develop quickly in this market. In a word, entrepreneurs want to succeed, then choose to do the right thing, and these things to do.

a, Entrepreneurship: choose carefully

was founded more than two years, a few small team of 20 people, in 2007 when I joined the car family team, it is still in the early stages of entrepreneurship. That year, the car’s home revenue of only 10 million. Fortunately, after we chose to do the car site, car home just to catch up with the high growth period of China’s automobile.

is now more and more young people with entrepreneurial ideas, but many teenagers think entrepreneurship is a very simple thing, the team do products, financing for listing. But to pursue the industry selection, operation mode and other issues in more detail, I believe there will be more than 50% entrepreneurs will beat a retreat, a lot of things they don’t want to understand.

entrepreneurial choice, entrepreneurs should keep a clear head.

first, * * * sooner rather than later.

take the industry, Chinese huge consumer market, occupy thousands on thousands of industries. Select the industry, we must grasp the industry cycle. For a simple example, 08 years, China’s passenger car market share ranked first in the world, China’s Internet market is also ranked first in the world. At this stage, the choice is to do Internet car as sure as a gun.


made cars in 2012 90% Internet entrepreneurs will die in the starting line, there are 10% "half-dead". The reason is that this period, China’s passenger car market growth has entered a period of micro growth, the pattern of China’s auto Internet has also been identified.

this principle also applies to other industries. For example, a few years ago, more popular buy, and now the mobile internet. Whether you choose where to start, "sooner rather than later".

second, entrepreneurial team

and toil

in the eyes of most people, the entrepreneurial team is the most bitter. Even some entrepreneurial management team advocates, only pay more than competitors to succeed. Efforts to pay is right, but I think it is more important for the entrepreneurial team to make employees happy.

The United States proposed

shoes electricity supplier Zappos President Xie Jiahua in "three pair of shoes", "you buy a pair of shoes, I send three double try", to bring users convenience and pleasure, the result is the ultimate user experience and true loyalty. What he really advocates is the idea of "sharing happiness", which makes both employees and customers happy. This is also the biggest inspiration to me.

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