Li Guoqing Dangdang new platform to accelerate the transformation of fashion electricity supplier


/ IT Fang Kun


Dangdang is accelerating transition to speed the fashion business platform, the company said CEO Li Guoqing the day before, has been working with China designer clothing design association, and launched a new product called designer platform, Dangdang currently plans to invest 100 million in the cost of the project, and in 3 years on the new platform to make money.

Li Guoqing mainly disclosed information include:

1, Dangdang is accelerating the transformation of the fashion platform, and change in the past has been to the outside world Dangdang just a book selling business platform impression.

2, on the designer platform is expected to have 100 designers in the next few years, the work of the sales of $600 million in 1. Online independent designer platform can subvert the rules of the traditional clothing industry chain, more conducive to accelerate the transformation of Dangdang fashion electricity supplier.

3, while the new platform on the line, Dangdang also replaced the new LOGO, and launched a new cartoon image of the monkey. For the purpose of changing the target is also a major move to change the impression of the outside world, the original Dangdang platform accounted for more than 60% of the book, is now the number of books in the future will be less and less.

4, Dangdang clothing has not reached 6 billion this year, but now is doing next year, so I think the scale is the most important. An independent designer in your home sales can be six million is an initial stage.

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