Taking the micro riches myth staged Joincare such as regular army into frequency

micro business wealth myth is the circle of friends on WeChat. Jingdong’s latest data released by Pat show that from 2015 began to develop only four months ago, micro business partner has reached 60 thousand. Daily economic news reporter found that the quality of some of the products in the circle of friends questioned the outside world, a large wave of brand regulars began to pour into the micro business.

the evening of April 13th, Joincare announced the company is thinking Port Group Limited company to discuss cooperation with Guangdong, the initial intention to jointly funded the establishment of a joint venture, product marketing cooperation. Notice that, Joincare and thought Group intends to set up a joint venture company. The registered capital is 10 million yuan, of which Joincare and Si Bu group accounted for 49%, 51% stake. Joincare said, thinking Bu group initially plans to release information cooperation in the past two weeks, the company cannot predict the future prospects for cooperation with Si Bu group.

, a person familiar with the micro business daily chemical industry veteran said, because most of the customers are acquaintances, micro business can huge cost savings to the traditional electricity supplier in the drainage, promotion, profit was almost three times more than Taobao. The traditional brand, it has a wide range of online visibility and target groups, with lower cost of online channels can quickly bring incremental.

recently joined the micro business group "bianjiebao pink bestie" market manager Liang Jianmei said that the traditional enterprises to enter the field of micro business through strategic cooperation is a positive signal each in his element, but also the micro industry standard development.

due to the micro business is more personal, not for business registration, after the purchase of consumer items rights difficulties. "It’s like early online shopping, some well-known brand, and even brand copycat loophole, the selling model is playing the marketing edge ball, most companies with three agents, the higher returns can develop offline."

, however, this growth will take a long time to wait. Liang Jianmei also talked about the micro business from the early growth of the industry to regulate the transformation, there is still a long way to go, but also need to improve the platform and the government’s regulatory norms, a new shuffle in the difficult

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