Chinese COM accused Quejinduanliang will be accused

recently, tea dealer Liu because can not obtain the registration of "Chinese tea.COM" corresponding to the traditional "China tea.COM" domain of the legitimate rights and interests, angrily accused Chinese.COM or Chinese domain name limit a belongs to the practice of Quejinduanliang, deprived of registered users reasonable domain assets.

Liu is doing tea tea distribution business, with the development of China’s network economy is becoming more and more attention, Ms. Liu intends to build a website, will own tea tea shop online sales. November 7th, Ms. Liu is about to build the site registered the China tea tea.COM domain name. Subsequently, a friend reminded her, since it is done online tea tea business, in order to take care of business partners and customers outside the mainland Internet access, traditional Chinese tea tea.COM should also be registered.

Liu thought, since it has been registered "China tea.COM", then "China tea.COM" naturally should all to himself, but when Ms. Liu to the Registrar’s website, but found that "China tea.COM" display has been registered, the Registrar of the answer is Chinese.COM can only note a simplified body. As a result, Sharon began to negotiate with the Registrar, and pointed out that this is an unreasonable loss of personal assets. Liu said that if the Registrar can not make a reasonable settlement, will make a decision to prosecute.

in this regard, industry experts said that the cause of the dispute, is the "international standard Chinese.COM" does not conform to the Chinese domain name or Chinese equivalent. That is to say, if the domain name registered at the same time simplified, simplified access "Chinese tea.COM" and the traditional "China tea.COM" may enter two different sites respectively. In order to avoid the defects of.COM technology, Chinese had to take note of a simplified domain name limit method, when one of the domain name registrant registered, another domain name will be automatically shielded, so anyone can no longer be registered, including "Chinese tea.COM" domain names registered person.

Liu registrar’s explanation cannot accept: "Chinese.COM does not meet the standards, which belongs to the product defect, unreasonably deprived of registered online as part of the assets, which is a typical Quejinduanliang, against the interests of consumers."

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