Electronic business platform to participate in the purpose of gaming platform

news September 27th dangdang.com on-line game intermodal platform (ihuanju.e.dangdang.com), at present, dangdang.com gaming platform has been on-line "the Divine Comedy", "martial arts", "three" immortal "hero" and other 10 web games. Dangdang.com following Taobao, Jingdong before the on-line gaming platform, the months of e-commerce sites have to enter the game transport field, in June this year, Taobao launched the web game platform, the Jingdong has also been confirmed before the national day to launch web games intermodal platform, but is a step ahead of dangdang.com. In fact, dangdang.com early in the game intermodal platform line to the morning of September 13th, dangdang.com announced the establishment of life services, dangdang.com life service department official said: "life services will consumers’ daily lives, including mobile phone recharge, games recharge, movie tickets, travel service and so on, users can realize the future by dangdang.com daily entertainment, catering, recharge payment and other one-stop service." This shows that the establishment of the Department of life service is on the one hand to support the game platform to do the backing of the web, and so the author looked at the news today, only to wake up suddenly. E-commerce website platform have to enter the field of game intermodal desire for, the author summarizes the following points:

(a) platform traffic realized

Taobao, Jingdong, dangdang.com etc. e-commerce website platform daily traffic is huge, arising from the daily trading volume is huge, the platform has so much traffic at the same time, some traffic is neglected, which is superfluous, not every platform is for shopping, some are free to look, how to maximize the use of all traffic, become the platform operator consideration. This year, the rapid development of web games, users only need to login page to play the game, do not need to install a large file, make a game more and more popular, and web games will not like some games occupy a lot of time, not overdo sth.. The trend of the electricity supplier responsible person to see the opportunity, the need to implement their own traffic.

(two) core user group consistent

is the Internet age of young people, this sentence is not empty, the starting point of the construction of e-commerce website platform and e-commerce website platform browse more for the young generation, traffic and users are readily available. Web game user groups are known to youth as the main body, the target user group of coincidence degree, leading to the electronic commerce website platform from the field of web games begin, and layout of future such as dangdang.com, Jingdong, in reference to the layout of Taobao, Taobao is the earliest game platform. Business platform, through development of a few months, to give other business platform of confidence, so that the core user groups for the game platform is not objectionable, but can accept.

(three) seeking breakthrough

2012 is a year of e-commerce laughter and pain, because the future development of e-commerce is bright, broad prospects, whether it is Taobao, Jingdong, Suning

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