Alipay was the central bank to resist to the nation or moment has come

April 2nd media reports said the central bank is working to build the second generation payment system, the first army – to achieve the interconnection of various online banking. At the same time, due to the current third party platform has not obtained the relevant license, or will suspend the third party payment platform access to Internet banking system.

has long been a bank and third party payment is in a state of both cooperation and conflict, because online shopping can enhance the cardholder’s card initiative, has a positive impact on the long-term development of the banking business. But on the other hand, the cardholder through the third party payment platform transaction, the bank lost businesses rebates, can not get any benefits. How to solve the problem of the right to speak and the distribution of interests in cooperation is the focus of resolving the differences between the two sides.


Alipay was the central bank to resist to the nation’s time to

?The launch of

Internet banking Internet system, the realization of the current payment system can not be realized by cross payment, third party payment, third party authorization and other business functions may make the bank temporarily from the third party platform threat.

according to banking sources, the central bank to the bank’s feedback is that perhaps third party payment platform to suspend access to Internet banking system. The main reason is that the third party platform has not yet obtained the relevant license, not a clearing organization." Not long ago, the people’s Bank of China payment and settlement Secretary Ouyang Weimin also made it clear that it is impossible to authorize non-financial enterprises directly engaged in payment business". Also let the bank’s attitude towards the third party payment increasingly clear.

insiders pointed out that the central bank launched a new generation of online banking system, in order to solve the drawbacks of previously existing banking system fundamentally, to get rid of dependence on the state of the third party platform currently including Alipay.

at the same time due to the lack of law for the third party payment, the existence of a specific regulatory vacuum, the third party payment environment in embarrassment.

first of all, in essence, the third party payment is a clearing and settlement business in financial services, but the provisions of the "commercial bank law" only commercial banks can license to engage in the business. The current number of third party payment and transaction volume and even more than some of the smaller banks.

followed by the form of business, as the third party payment platform, taking the form of intermediate accounts, with the increase in the number of users, the amount of funds deposited by the third party payment institutions will be very large. According to a rough estimate, stranded on the third party platform every day at least a few million dollars. Precipitation funds, money laundering, cash, and other aspects of the impact of the entity’s monetary system has become increasingly prominent.

Lenovo Ma had said – "Alipay ready to state", in the face of the identity of the embarrassment of the central bank and the super online banking and the impact of rejection, and even before the difficulties no payment of the license, the third party payment has reached a turning point in the survival and development of the "Alipay", seems to have the moment of national to.

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