Handle network CCTV negative reports CEO accept 100 thousand yuan penalty

March 18th, according to CCTV reported net sales staff handle lax audit business news, lashou responded that the company has been the first time for the company business development team of self-examination, and make the treatment; expand the management of personnel and other events involving the businesses who were punished, including the parties deduction half month wages and bonuses for 3 months and observed, leading parties directly deducted from the wages and bonuses. Handle network CEO Wu Bo accepted the board of 100 thousand yuan in cash penalties.

handle network CEO Wu Bo said: for the occurrence of such a thing that I am very sorry, handle network will strengthen management, especially in the management of business development personnel. The parties to this incident, after I personally talked to her, she also fully aware of the error. It’s easy to dismiss an employee, but I think it’s a problem. What I want is to be able to put her and all the sales staff to handle the network of users, partners, the company, the community responsible for outstanding staff. At the same time, I will be in charge of the supervision and training of market development personnel."

at the same time, the handle network announced its selection of eight levels in the product: business development staff. Two: background management (handle). Three: material collection personnel (more than three points are required to take pictures of entities to understand the business background. (four) manager level audit. Five: urban management personnel audit. Six: headquarters qualification audit (network verification). Seven: operator audit. Eight: Operation Manager audit. In addition, the need for special business pre service and management experience.

last night, CCTV "3 – 15" column in action last night exposure group purchase websites are not chaos, such as audit group purchase enterprise qualification, providing false goods, can not guarantee the quality of group purchase goods, the U.S. group net, handle network and sold out network group purchase website were named. (Lei Feng)

              network group purchase chaos are frequent: CCTV exposure group and the full


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