Guo Hongchi vertical B2C core weapon is to control the goods

news July 25th, street network officially announced the first round of financing 80 million yuan in the near future, the CEO Guo Hongchi said that the vertical B2C has gradually return to the traditional e-commerce, and the core of the weapon is to control the goods.

Guo Hongchi is the electricity supplier industry veteran, in 2000 to create a electronic commerce website soit, 2008, Chihiro network CEO; in 2009, B2C created the "West Street Network", focus on the sports market, the goal is to create a network version of Decathlon.

ten years of experience, Guo think vertical electric burn rush era has gone like a meteor, the opportunity now is who will control the goods, create absolute barriers based on supply chain.

a pantomime of marketing was forced to the surface of

at the beginning of July, a website speculation exposed, street network access to Yao Ming 80 million yuan investment, attracted industry attention. After Yao Ming’s agent to clarify, purely misinformation, Yao Ming did not participate in the investment, but it also makes the West network unexpectedly surfaced.

Guo Hongchi further clarification on technology, as early as April 2011, West Street Network to obtain financing in the first round of venture capital 80 million yuan, but because the company is not ready, there is no published financing news. In the passive exposure, but chose to publish the truth.

but Guo Hongchi also said that the "pantomime", not let the West net to harvest a lot of popularity. Subsequently, in July 24th, Yao Ming announced his retirement, West Street Netcom over the review of the story of shoes and Yao Ming and other means of continuous marketing, once again attracted the attention of a large number of users.

B2C return to traditional business essence

Guo Hongchi said, street network 80 million yuan of financing, will mainly invest in infrastructure, such as warehousing, logistics, operations, rather than a wide range of publicity and marketing, especially hard wide delivery.

as users become more accustomed to online shopping mode, related process has also formed a certain standard, the current e-commerce, especially the vertical sites of the B2C class, will no longer rely on the so-called excessive user experience innovation, the future fight must be the integration of resources under the line.

Guo believes that now some vertical B2C two models, first, excluding the means and cost of promotion, to attract downstream users attention, and gradually improve the bearing capacity of the upstream 0 orders, warehousing and logistics; two, to improve the upstream, and then rely on word-of-mouth marketing gradually accumulate user.

"these two kinds of models, and there is no absolute right or wrong, but the street network selection must be the latter, after the first internal marketing." Guo Hongchi suggested that the marketing oriented burn era has passed, if the suit will die.

but Guo Hongchi also said that this does not mean zero marketing. However, the strategy has always been a low street network model. But there are also some bottlenecks, so do not rule out short

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