Flipboard founder success is reshaping the tablet reading form

Beijing on June 14th news, foreign media reports, the famous American technology blog TechCrunch technology this week "entrepreneurial story" column of the protagonist is Flipboard founder and CEO Mike (Mike McCue) mcgue, and this paper analyzes mcgue road of entrepreneurship and Its Inspiration to create Flipboard.

Flipboard is a new iPad application, its most important function is to Facebook and Twitter, such as the integration of social media content, and then read through the form of magazine readers.

in fact, before Mike Mak, before the same is the creation of the Internet voice interactive company Tellme sold to Microsoft, he also had to consider a period of rest. After all, Tellme in the ten years of hard work, he deserves a chance to leave. But, "holiday" two words for mcgue is prohibitively difficult.

"this is a holiday. It’s easier said than done. Because this is my way to relax, when I was lying on the beach to enjoy the sunshine and air, the first thing I want to do is to open the notebook computer, and the outline of my next step in the above, I like this possessed "McCue explained.

in the summer of 2009, mcgue worked with apple and former iPhone engineer Ivan Doyle (Evan Doll) had a brainstorm (comthought experiment baimao.com), then discuss the two content is: if the network suddenly disappeared, we need to start empty-handed, with all of our current understanding of how to create a new, will what would it look like the network, which will be not the same place, what would be the same place, what would it look like the ideal architecture, user experience and be? So a series of problems.

at that time, two people concluded that: it is necessary to build a social product from scratch. Because of the fact that the current mcgue magazine print has done is very beautiful, but when you see the same article on the network, giving the reader the feeling changed flavor. The reason is because advertisements at work, this is not to say that advertising should not appear on the network, but now the advertising is ugly, and no one is willing to click on them.

at the beginning of the 90s, when he founded his first company, Paper Software, at the time of the IT entrepreneurial boom, when iPad came out, he knew his chances were coming. He wants to make the reader’s online reading experience as enjoyable as a magazine, removing all of the trash and even advertising. The online advertising market is now more than ten times the size of the market, most of which come from tablets and HTML5>

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