From the Chinese milk bottle argument to see how cross border electricity supplier to deal with 2016

inventory in 2015, the enterprise globalization is definitely a weathervane. Not only Tmall, Jingdong, the United States and other traditional business platform into cross-border business, the old Internet Co such as NetEase, Baidu also through self or invest in force of cross-border purchase, start-up companies, little red book honey bud baby who is going up.

after years of baptism, the cross-border electricity supplier whether the 2016 will be like last year Xingtu flat


just over the past two sessions, Han Changfu, Minister of agriculture, said a large number of people to buy milk abroad, you buy someone else’s stuff, to send money to others, they also purchase, which is the shame of China’s dairy industry. Wanda chairman Wang Jinghai also shouted, scouring the sea does not have regulatory mechanism responsible for the full, can not let the bottle Chinese grasp in the hands of others.

NPC and CPPCC on behalf of the loudspeaker, a miniature not at this stage of local milk prices in the recession.

to Beingmate and Biostime for example, Beingmate revenue of 4 billion 550 million yuan last year, down 9.8%, profit fell 27.18% Biostime; as of September 2015, accounted for 84.4% of sales revenue of the infant formula business, a year-on-year decline of 14%.

slightly ironic that imported milk powder in the domestic milk prices decline in performance at the same time ushered in the spring".

in 2015 China imported infant formula value of up to $2 billion 470 million, an increase of 59.5%. Dairy analyst Song Liang pointed out that last year through cross-border shopping in China into milk powder, according to the factory price, sales reached 10 billion yuan, far exceeding the sum of two large local Yili and flying crane.

not only that, the first choice of cross-border electricity supplier also let the mother of local milk prices caught off guard. NetEase koala sea purchase, Jingdong’s global purchase,…… Almost all cross-border electricity supplier will be the mother and child category as a stepping stone. Maternal and child products just need, body mass, hit the local dairy enterprises lack of competitive products and marketing, cross-border electricity supplier companies quickly use explosive product ideas to open the domestic milk powder market.


for the time being, the local milk prices in the following three cross-border electricity supplier rolling".

user reputation: as the saying goes, self shall not live, local milk prices due to the great recession itself, since the melamine incident, local milk prices began a rebranding period long, but the years of dairy products is still repeated board "black list", which also led to a poor reputation and volume.

market share: before the melamine incident, milk powder imports in the domestic market share is only 3, but in 2015 the whole milk powder imports in China’s market share has accounted for more than 60%.

stock pressure: with the purchase of a number of cities overseas milk powder is different, the domestic milk prices to stock pressure is very large. The original milk is not high priced acquisition of product processing and storage of the common > forced dusting

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