Secret 250 billion online shopping economy behind the ten hackers trap

Tencent technology news December 14th news, now online shopping has quietly become a consumer fashion. As of June 09, the size of China’s online shopping users reached 87 million 880 thousand, the total amount of online shopping is expected to reach around $250 billion. Faced with such a large consumer market, some hackers to capture the opportunities, the implementation process of these online shopping online shopping users in the casual visitor, dug a trap "technology", cheat users money wantonly.

According to

, Kingsoft Internet security expert Li Tiejun introduced, in the process of online shopping "trap" very much, unlike some of the traditional fraud in reality, hackers often with their own master computer knowledge, using some of the techniques, such as the use of Trojan to control the user computer, web pages and other sites linked to horse trading hijacking, cheat users money. These means and methods, compared with the traditional fraud, more subtle, more difficult to detect.

online shopping in order to better protect the property safety of users, allowing more users to be vigilant in the process of online shopping, Kingsoft Internet security expert Li Tiejun in-depth analysis for the process of online shopping ten "hacker trap" of.

, a winning puzzle trap

award is the most common phishing fraud in the process of online shopping. Usually, the name of crooks posing some big companies in the dissemination of information to the user by winning common dialogue tools Taobao want. Induce users to enter a very high degree of similarity of fake Web pages, and then guide the user to enter the online banking account password or transfer to other designated account, to the user to bring economic losses.


Miss Huang often shopping on Taobao. Recently, as usual she took a fancy to a commodity, when she clicks the goods after there was a winning page, which reads: "lefantian million grand prize – Taobao anniversary celebration", said "Taobao" to celebrate the 6 anniversary of the establishment of the Samsung Corp, and join hands to hold "the six anniversary celebration million grand prize wins sweepstakes, daily at the Taobao users randomly selected 3 lucky users, said Miss Huang is a lucky user, the 50 thousand yuan prize. At the same time, the page also shows her award-winning verification code, let her login account and verification code to receive prizes. At the same time, on the page to remind her to take good care of your code, avoid others to steal impersonator. Before you receive prizes, do not log on Taobao, so as not to account stolen, resulting in not receive prizes.

everything seems to be normal, and Miss Huang in order to receive 50 thousand yuan prize, you must first specify the account to pay thousands of dollars of personal tax. Fox’s tail has finally been exposed.

trap two, cheap temptation

originally a million products, now only a few hundred dollars to buy. Is there something you can do, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. Cheap temptation is another common form of fraud in the process of online shopping. Cheat use low

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