Powder car maker O2O electricity supplier in the field of electric bicycles

for the last century, China has been hailed as the kingdom of bicycles on wheels. And since the electric bicycle was pushed to the market, the rapid development is even more shocking. By the middle of 2013, the number of electric bicycles in China has exceeded 200 million, electric bicycle shipments are about the same period shipments of about 4 times. From the quantitative point of view has become a veritable "electric bicycle kingdom". In the face of such a huge market, so we first saw some surprise when the powder Wheelwright products: why until now such a field perpendicular to the electric bicycle business website


simply, the powder is a focus on the sale of electric cars and bicycles around the electronic business platform, which is the market for China’s vast electric bicycle users.

a lot of people may not understand why a small electric bicycle should also open a separate vertical electronic business platform. "My online store to buy it?" "I in Taobao, Jingdong to buy it?"

for these two problems, the founder of the powder car maker Tian Fajun summed up in fact, there are only two words: "service"

electric bicycle is relatively simple compared to a lot of cars, but after all, and there is a big difference in the bike, almost no consumer can maintain their own electric bicycle. Replace the battery maintenance, motor maintenance, tyre repair, the bike is very good to solve the problem now is the need to store to do.

now the store under the line there is such a problem: a lot of disposable price is to raise the service free of charge, this model is not good. And some stores do not provide services, and even some of the boss is in this shop today, where there is a shop in order to avoid the sale of services.

, not to mention the online store, Taobao and Jingdong on the electric bicycle sales are very small, because they can not provide effective service.

powder the Wheelwright electronic business mode in the field Fajun himself is new, he solved the problem between the traditional confrontation line merchants and online mall, so that the organic combination of the two of consumers to achieve better service. This model is: W (wholesale) -B (distributor) -C (customer). Wheelwright powder in this model as the commodity wholesale, wholesale to the distributor, which is now in high streets and back lanes garage, distributors to the target customers introduced to buy and buy our website, then let the customer to store distributors delivery, and help them to post warranty service.


In fact,

in the original traditional electric cars sold in offline businesses (C), but also from the upstream (W) purchase. The powder car here as a network platform, and targeted drainage upstream. In the actual operation process, powder Wheelwright and do not suffer from the next line of business, car >

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