Cross border electricity supplier sellers long overdue freight courier reports

news October 23rd, cross-border business platform aliexpress before the date of announcement said: "the recent Sino Russian logistics business platform through courier report, some sellers appear multiple freight deferred payment, or even long-term malicious arrears of freight situation." To speed up the sale of a change in the Sino Russian line (including 139, in the way) of the freight settlement, the seller must receive payment notification within 24 hours to complete the freight payment.

after the change of specific freight settlement for sellers of goods and logistics providers to undertake accurate weighing, in that day will inform the seller the seller needs accurate freight, on receipt of the payment notice within 24 hours to complete the payment of freight, logistics or business shall have the right to withhold not goods.

if the logistics provider is not on the day of shipping information feedback to the seller, the seller to pay the price in turn after the extension, if it is caused by the aging of the service, the buyer will be borne by the logistics provider. If the seller fails to pay the freight paid on receipt of information after hours, while logistics providers can detain the parcel until Sellers pay the freight and delivery, extra days beyond the promise of aging on the logistics business also postponed, if they exceed the limitation caused by service, compensation from seller to buyer bear.

This is known as the

speed sold in order to protect the interests of the logistics business. At the same time, sellers are required to contact the logistics provider to settle the balance. Not settled this week arrears of the seller, the platform will be unified call next week, punishment right of seller and keep malicious arrears.

billion state power network has learned, aliexpress sellers for the order delivery to provide commercial courier, postal logistics and logistics in three ways. Among them, the logistics products are generally launched by the third party logistics service providers, aging faster than post logistics, slower than commercial express, the price is higher than the postal logistics, lower than commercial courier.

at present, the fast selling official provides two Sino Russian logistics products, namely, through the Sino Russian special line and the Sino Russian 139. The adjustment of the freight settlement means involving these two products.

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