Small sites can also attract large advertising

Southern China’s new WEB2.0 site most of the daily flow of not more than 1 million, they rely on to survive? The day before, iResearch Consulting Group in the first "Southern China WEB2.0 site selection" and "witness today outlook tomorrow" — Forum website operation on site survey results released for reality, this time to participate in the activities of the 104 sites, daily traffic only 33 sites over 1 million days, the website flow is less than 10 thousand almost 1/3 the.

has the flow of advertising in the era, the majority of the site’s survival status worrying. However, YAHOO China Southern China District Sales Director Huang Yan said that the site traffic is very important, but the data is not the only". Well known Internet analyst Cheng Tianyu also believes that the impact of traffic in the continuous reduction, advertisers pay more attention to the specific Internet users to send advertising regularly. Traffic is not equal to the value of advertising that Huang Yan, traffic is good, but only the flow, and can not explain the value of the site where. For many WEB2.0 sites, seize the rapid development of the domestic online advertising opportunities but also know how to do a good job of the site’s packaging and positioning. According to the Chinese Internet Association released last week "2007 Chinese Internet survey report" shows that in 2006 the domestic online advertising (including search engine) revenue reached 4 billion 980 million yuan, an increase of 50.91% over 2005, 2007 2008 is expected to maintain 51.8% growth rate, 55.6%. Zhang Xiangdong, President of the 3G forum to participate in the forum also believes that traffic is not necessarily equal to the value of advertising. The 3G portal in officially launched 2 months after it got the first ad, it was the site of the amount of registered users has rapidly increased to about 10 million, but BenQ advertisers fancy 3G portal is familiar with a lot of mobile phone models, features and data users. At that time, even the 3G portal advertising sales team has not been established.

  advertising does not ask for more accurate Cheng Tianyu think, at the beginning of the site do not know how to talk with advertisers, only in terms of traffic. But with the development of network technology, more and more advertisers can obtain accurate data, the real situation of the website can not hide. In addition to the amount of clicks, advertisers are also asked to active user data, monthly active user data, as well as weekly active user data. The Internet is becoming more and more competitive, which directly leads to more and more transparent information. So now you have to give advertisers a good story, not just PV." Huang Yan believes that the flow of different sites from different levels, the commercial value of the implication is not the same, the most important thing is the site of the common users.

analysis of different sites of advertising, we must first look at advertising products. For example, network products are doing well, they pay attention to interesting and unique, do deep cooperation with advertisers. Do not look at their traffic is much smaller than these Sina portal, but from the traffic comparison, the largest real estate advertising and Sina compared to many. Some WEB2.0 sites have fewer PV, bigger ads such as cars, and so on

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