The 1919 accused brewmaster network unfair competition double 11 malicious brush ranking

brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng:

"ha ha! Dare to follow 5W (WAN) bottle 53 degrees of Moutai? Crazy! Tonight, the young man died!" "and buy expensive, go back to the difference between the 1919!"

1919 chairman Yang Lingjiang:


will brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng and its executives, in order to commercial competition, high frequency words openly use unscrupulous divisive tactics, slander and attack others, and mass communication has been confirmed as false news, filed a lawsuit."

for "double eleven" bargains triggered a major wine enterprises issued a statement to disassociate themselves, for sales, ranked, and pinch into liquor".

finally double eleven in sales of liquor electricity supplier Sichuan Yi Jiu Jiu liquor supply chain management Limited by Share Ltd ranked second (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan 1919) chairman Yang Lingjiang said in a statement yesterday morning, Sichuan 1919 will give up the Tmall dual eleven activities in the rankings, and no longer participate in next year’s double eleven activities; and will prosecute suspected brewmaster network unfair competition, brewmaster network executives suspected of malicious slander.

for ranking liquor tragic killing


double ended yesterday, at 1:58 in the morning, 1919 Sichuan chairman Yang Lingjiang said in a statement released next year, Sichuan 1919 no longer participate in the Tmall dual eleven activities, and will sue the brewmaster network, because of its alleged unfair competition, the executives suspected of malicious slander.

it is understood that the opening from the Tmall dual eleven activities, Sichuan’s first 1919 companies have occupied the liquor stores TOP list; then the brewmaster network to 659 yuan / bottle flying the price of Moutai took the lead, Sichuan 1919 launched 500 sets of "flying 53 degrees Moutai +52 Wuliangye 1111 yuan special offer products. Since then, the two sides have launched low-priced wine, snatch trading volume.

started from the day at 23:31, brewmaster network hot index had been more than catch up from behind, leading Sichuan 1919, and remained on the 12 day zero, brewmaster network has become the first Tmall liquor store TOP list. Sichuan 1919 in Tmall sales to $71 million 836 thousand ranked second.

brewmaster network and Sichuan 1919 in Tmall’s battle also spread to the WeChat circle of friends, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng in the WeChat said, "Oh! Dare (5W million) a bottle of 53 degrees Moutai 699? Crazy! Tonight Yangling River dead!" and "buy expensive, please 1919 to refund the difference!"

in this regard, Yang Lingjiang said, will Hao Hongfeng and its executives abuse slander against others and the company’s behavior, to the courts. In addition, Sichuan 1919 also pointed out that the brewmaster network still its official website and Tmall play "to buy expensive, 1919 to refund the difference!" banner ads, alleged unfair competition.


, brewmaster network.

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