Explore the way of enterprise website optimization from the rise of Tencent

Last year

3Q war revealed a lot of problems existing in the Internet industry, but it also makes us a lot of inspiration, as the enterprise site optimization workers so that we see a lot of methods, a lot of network unspoken rule have gradually emerge in front of our work indicates a clear way.

efficient imitation

it is well known that many of the products of Tencent Inc are imitated by other people’s products to improve the introduction of the use of their own customer base to promote. Optimization and promotion of enterprise website also has the effect of optimization from different approaches but equally satisfactory results, the construction site to promote the US is in fact to imitate it to others in the implementation, but we need to do is efficient not only imitate the appearance of imitation, must be in place to do research on innovation on the basis of the imitation, can to achieve better results.

extensive publicity

Tencent at the same time do not forget to imitate the overwhelming propaganda, the use of their own customer base for a wide range of publicity, so there will be more people to try to get a better experience. The optimization of enterprise website publicity is widely added outside the chain, every day we need to increase the chain, the chain is added wide need to add the chain, so as to achieve more area to achieve better publicity, publicity, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

continuous innovation

innovation in order to promote progress and development, in order to occupy a dominant position in the competition, in the game of Tencent, we found that it was more than the original update and better experience. In the optimization of enterprise website, we blindly imitation is not impossible to have good results, we need to be on their own in the models at the same time according to the search engine rules and improve their awareness of innovation, be further improved, so as to enhance the competitive advantage.

imitation and innovation is a trivial problem in the network, the enterprise website optimization will not deviate from this phenomenon, in the unstable network virtual world, we must master the law to adapt in order to get the advantage in the competition, to by the small station (www.hnruitaijx.com) summary and I hope you can help, love can be reproduced, please indicate the source

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