City Business Network the pioneer of the domestic web4 0 website

recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) survey Chinese Internet twenty-fifth development host has ended, China network development to the future of the Internet market Chinese decide on what path to follow, how to locate where new heights, Chinese network economy to bottom how to get a glimpse of the attention in the year of the tiger. From Web2.0 to Web1.0, fusion of the two, and web4.0 obviously, the future Chinese Internet market is facing more opportunities and challenges, and the city business network like web4.0 pioneer and pioneer, is bound to become the remarkable leader".

Chinese Internet

back in 2009, the industry called "the future". In the entertainment life, is a social networking site represents the most prosperous era of Web2.0 (SNS) of happy net popular Chinese, but can only show the beauty of a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum; the other is the rise represents the micro-blog Web3.0, with information, instant messaging (IM) and a user experience, quickly the climax, but as the market product, the profit model is not clear. While the Web2.0 era the most popular "Ali" is also facing new choices, Ma announced Taobao shift to B2C, but the cumulative growth B2B resources how, can only look forward to at the end of the year; as a "dark horse", quietly out of the city business network is web4.0 times of the pioneers, a clear pattern of polymerization the Internet business interaction and sustainable development, has set a benchmark for network Web1.0, Web2.0 Web3.0 to subvert the bottleneck.

as the city business network ( developers believe that, in the era of the national network, representing 4 of the Internet trend is showing a full open attitude. This "open" is not just for the content of the open, but a function of the application, interactive participation and upgrade the experience of a new model. The core of this model is the user needs, the key is no threshold settings, the focus is the sharing of information. To this end, the city commercial network construction sites and other basic functions of the implementation of "zero threshold", users only need to move the mouse and keyboard, you can get the construction and use of the site. At the same time, to achieve the function, city commercial network that is convergent sharing of cyber source applications, the most convenient and reasonable result, the realization of "site polymerization function + business yellow pages + city shopping classifieds + independent station", fully meet the needs of users of the network business. In addition, the site respected the concept of personalized creation, the use of the city’s unique business network layout features free, users can combine and build their own templates, get a new upgrade experience. City business network is the first to adopt a classified information + independent station +C2C+B2C as one of the web4.0 stereo website.

in fact, Web1.0 era of Chinese Internet because of the stage of exploration and development, more energy and focus on the technical level, ignoring the user needs and user >

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