O2O was too busy but please keep this cold on the 12 directions

review: the discussion about the O2O reached a climax in 2014, star startups some O2O have even been deified, frequently broke the financing of tens of millions, over 1 billion dollars valuation, many entrepreneurs of longing.


O2O is popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, but the flowers bloom, who has killed the O2O project, and how many people care? Scene this thing is very good, because many manufacturing O2O anti human new scene. This article, the author of this article tries to take you to look at the nature of O2O, I hope in the O2O venture partners on the road a lot of cool thinking.

and Chinese recently in the United States the development of the Internet has begun to emerge, the United States experienced a long post industrial era, so many traditional industries have the integration of the Internet today, the mobile Internet era, the United States began to move towards the interconnection of all things with vigorous strides (IOT) era. The development of China is directly from the industrial era into the Internet era, the Internet has not yet established a wave, and now the mobile Internet era. Therefore, the post industrial era and the era of mobile Internet spawned the birth of O2O with Chinese characteristics.

in the United States, the impact of O2O is not obvious, there are only a few simple service industry. The United States and the development of the Internet has been all the way forward. And China although "O2O" became the annual hot words Internet circle, the reality of the situation is too busy but, lack of O2O stage of evolution, intelligent enterprise in 2014 basically all defeat, intelligent wearable, intelligent Home Furnishing etc. also need to wait for the evolution of O2O environment completed, Chinese can at full speed towards the interconnection of all things age.

first to reveal the essence of O2O under

two O are online and offline, up and down can be reversed. The two world, one is a virtual reality, the core lies in the link, that is, "2". 2 is the link between the two worlds, "2" is the core of the "Scene" is linked to the scene of the two world. What is the scene in the "2015 TMT scene first year" a detailed explanation of the text, which can be simply understood as a continuation of the inertia of a living habits. When the connection between the two worlds to meet people’s use of the scene, the original use of the scene is more optimized, convenient and cost savings, then the O2O can exist, there is also a potential commercial value.

below we summarize the existing market on the direction of the 12 O2O, combined with the evaluation of the child, for everyone to think about.

1, regional Internet transformation O2O

area of the Internet is a product of the era of PC, there are a lot of large and small regional web site, in the face of the erosion of the mobile Internet, many webmasters are very confused, of course, many webmasters have begun to transform O2O. The essence of the Regional Internet is a medium of the region, so there is a link. >

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