A brief analysis of some matters needing attention in traditional B2C operation

is the second half of this year, the domestic B2C industry the blooming period, the second quarter of 2010 China B2C E-business has occurred 16 investments, of which 13 pen to disclose the amount of investment, the total investment amount of $138 million, the average investment amount of $10 million 610 thousand. The listing boom with B2C Mcglaughlin first NASDAQ triggered. As a general class of the same Dangdang is carried out for the wildly beating gongs and drums in the next month, will be landing. Today, the domestic B2C is divided into 2 types, one is integrated retail, and the other is the vertical class. Of course, more and more vertical mall to the department store scale development in order to gain more market share. Not only that, but also to see the traditional enterprise network market huge business opportunities, one after another on-line. From now the traditional enterprise OCS state, is not optimistic, the lack of awareness of the market in addition, more is in operation, will not be able to integrate online and offline channels is very good.

as a traditional enterprise, network operators need to pay attention to what

said in a reference to iResearch users, traditional companies do B2C, you need to clear a few questions, here to give you a list of small silence: 1, stock transfer, or do the increment? 2, to establish a network mall, is to expand the channels for investment or layout? How much is 3, on the site how long will it take to get to the expected income, return? 4, how to solve the online brand conflict, is the new commodity, or just as a? 5, or consider renting a self built warehouse warehouse? 6, how to carry out marketing, how much money to spend? 7 of the website, outsourcing, or training their hiring professionals in 8? And how the formation of the team, how to employ


keep in mind the essence of


B2C is the essence of retail, retail core has 4 important indicators: passenger flow, turnover rate, customer price, the two purchase rate. So, for B2C operations, how to increase the flow of passengers, how to improve the turnover rate, how to promote the two purchase rate has become a key element. According to the relevant data show that in June 2010 China mainstream B2C e-commerce website traffic sources, is the highest proportion of direct access (including direct entry into the URL and click the favorites), accounted for more than 50%. As a certain brand foundation of traditional enterprises, compared with the nascent network brand to do vertical field, some of the network marketing or a certain advantage.

good team

in the whole operation, the team is strong, a factor is very important, for traditional enterprises, how to set up a strong team, to pay attention to the following points: recruitment, pay attention to the choice of whether the actual operation, avoid again, and for the mall customer service, customer service is not to let down. The image directly with the user; how to form the incentive system, to achieve the overall coordination of the team.

enhance the mall’s user experience

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