Personal webmaster how to earn a living through a small site

now personal webmaster more and more, so many webmaster all the bustling about for what I think most people will answer: to make money. So you earn more money, then I am not satisfied with the people who are afraid of. China’s Internet has not been fully developed, many problems remain to be solved, all kinds of difficulties and contradictions so that there will not be much capital of individual owners bear too much pressure. In particular, the economy, especially urgent and helpless.

as far as I know, a lot of personal webmaster are full-time station. This means that if you can not earn income through the Internet, these friends are likely to work hungry. But a good website to develop and achieve long-term profitability of the state is one or two days, in the long wait and efforts, personal webmaster should be how to solve their economic problems? I have to share my money strategy.

network development today, is no longer a simple flow of the king of the times, I believe that the directional flow is the most valuable IP. At present, the search engine has become the main entrance into the network world, those who want to shop or find products consumers are more so. This part of the crowd access to information is the main way to open the search engine, enter the keywords you need, and then open the relevant website.

because of this kind of Internet users in the search is targeted products, so they are the basic input of some long tail keywords. Familiar with the network of webmasters know, a lot of sites in order to their image or other reasons, to the site’s name is relatively simple, and for the long tail keywords are usually just as a content optimization to treat. That being the case, then I will do the opposite, specifically with the long tail keywords for the site’s name. This site because there is no competition, through a certain optimization is very easy to be able to row to the top three search results. Although the daily IP may not even reach three digits, but it is very valuable directional traffic.

, for example, I am a dedicated sales latex pillow site, row to the Baidu home page almost no effort, IP is only a few dozen. But these dozens of IP day can let me easily earn tens of dollars. Some owners may say that a day to earn tens of dollars too little bar. I admit that this income is indeed very small, but such a simple website is very easy to copy. So I set up a group of stations, while doing dozens of kinds of goods, long tail keywords, stick to it, the income is very impressive.

has a popular saying: money is not everything, but no money is absolutely impossible. Every webmaster all have their own dreams, hope one day to be able to rise head and shoulders above others. But many people give up early because of lack of capital. Still struggling for the webmaster, might as well make some time to build a few such sites, although not make a lot of money, but the cost of living can be met.

finally I wish all the webmaster friends can make their own website as soon as possible

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