Su ningyun issued public statements poverty alleviation benefiting 7 million 610 thousand people is

in 2015, the central emphasis on the precise poverty alleviation, accurate poverty, double precision as the basic strategy, corporate institutions also show an indispensable positive energy on the road of public welfare.

at the end of March 2016, Su ningyun group released a public statement: "social responsibility report" Su ningyun in 2015 enterprises, which is since 2009 eighth consecutive annual report released CSR. The report on the 25 anniversary of Suning, focus on public welfare and social responsibility, the innovation Internet plus precise poverty would benefit 7 million 610 thousand poor people, the electronic invoice in 18 million copies, in the country to carry out the "dream Caravan", "campus football dream" series of public activities.


(photo: Su ningyun 2015 social responsibility report)

but Suning public pace continues to break, with the development of Suning industry, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong said in the report, "Suning always adhere to the concept of social enterprise in 2015, we innovatively applied to the retail CPU to promote the cause of poverty, poverty alleviation Internet plus. Next, Suning will also explore the public welfare to sports, entrepreneurship and other aspects of great strides, deliver more positive energy for society."

is different from the general corporate social responsibility report, the annual report of Su ningyun CSR, using the global reporting initiative organization (GRI) released in 2014 "sustainability reporting guidelines" (the G4 standard disclosure methods and specific index is more stringent and clear), and through the third party Norway classification society AA1000 based on the factual standard.

18 million copies of electronic invoices leading green retail

a leading corporate social responsibility, first reflected in the promotion of the development of the industry and influence. Suning in 6 years time, innovatively explored a unique benchmark significance in the global retail O2O model, and creatively put forward the forging "Internet retail CPU", the output of Suning core ability, leading the industry development.

2015, the Su ningyun Internet retail platform membership reached 250 million, equivalent to a 5 Chinese was a member of Suning; easy to pay treasure transaction size more than 130 billion yuan, the average daily trading volume of RMB 356 million.

in the service process, Suning will combine business ability and social responsibility depth, adhere to the green, low carbon development concept, the concept of environmental protection throughout the production operation process, create a set of green office, green logistics, green packaging, green green value chain stores, one set of green suning.

Since 2015

implementation of paperless office, to reduce the volume of Suning is equivalent to saving 1.1 tons of high-quality timber, Suning Yuhua data center over the same period in 2014 to save about 4800000 kwh, the cumulative evidence.

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