Do cross border electricity supplier you must know ten points

cross-border platform several big moves

Amazon strong push: this year, the main push of the European station, the Japanese station to expand the team began to China; eroded high-quality customers.

eBay: some lost big sellers monopoly phenomenon, making small sellers difficult to improve Paypal and make housing opportunities. Xiao Bian heard recently have been identified from eBay to separate PayPal from July 20th on the Nasdaq stock market in independent trading, stock code PYPL. However, whether or not to affect the subsequent development of ebay.

Wish rapid rise in the mobile terminal: experienced Paypal weaning and intellectual property pains, began to grow rapidly in the mobile terminal. Last year, Xiao Bian also didn’t hear wish this year, many places have been appeared, especially in the mobile terminal force can not be overlooked.

Dunhuang comprehensive transformation: after the completion of the financing began to expand the layout, began to do more language market, logistics and open platform, and gradually achieve the transformation from B2C to B2B. However, according to Xiao Bian, Dunhuang network has been the B2B model, this is not accurate.

DX, the Lanting Pavilion, the cardinality of the global Tesco vertical expansion: listing or backdoor listing, started a comprehensive vertical expansion, and try to build an open platform. At the beginning of June, Wenzhou shoe 480 million AOKANG settled in Lanting Pavilion set potential, the two listed companies will wipe out the spark of how many insiders on the sidelines.

do cross-border electricity supplier these ten points you have to know

a, total

Ministry of commerce data show that in 2013 China’s cross-border electronic business platform enterprise has more than five thousand, the development of business in all kinds of cross-border electricity supplier platform enterprise has exceeded two hundred thousand, most concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places.

two, market

currently, the main market for cross-border electricity supplier exports in the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Brazil and Australia and other countries and regions. If you start to do cross-border electricity supplier, which market is worth the choice: first, the U.S. market, followed by Japan, in addition, the European market (especially Germany) demand is relatively large. But at present a lot of small language market also made a lot of cross-border platform such as cross-border electronic business platform eager to get into action, since the Dunhuang network for French, Spanish and Portuguese, Italian, German five language areas of the site in January 1st officially launched the surge in orders. I believe this is also a hot spot in the future.

three, product

Two years before the

hot 3C, wigs and other products profit no longer; clothing began to rise, especially baby clothing; electronic cigarette products are blue A new force suddenly rises. furniture. According to the proportion of the transaction volume of the MasaPay peak when the background, women’s clothing, 3C, outdoor, home and other physical class, software, games, community and other virtual products demand space is still large.

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