am looking for network sales Bottleneck Breakthrough

06 years from the shop now, find someone else to ship from stock, to become the regional agent part of the product to find factory OEM production, the current business has gradually stabilized, but the sense of arrival. For nearly half a year to the bottleneck of turnover has been no breakthrough.

has been looking for ways to break through the bottleneck, then write soft propaganda, to the forum post advertising, in the baidu Post Bar exchange, in Baidu know ourselves from a mail, sms…… Last, after a period of consultation, QQ, want to let the customer often tired to talk to be soft, the volume does not significantly increase.

found that come from the search engine customer most is to consult, but from the above Taobao over 90% customers is to directly buy, then look at the customer service attitude, the advantages of their products. In order to increase the volume of transactions more directly, last month began to tend to Taobao store publicity: the purchase of consumer protection, Wang shop decoration, buy train advertising, focus on Taobao community communication. This month, through the background data analysis, found that the product’s search rankings, views, but there is no significant increase in the number of collections, the reason in the end where is it?

is here to say that the research of competitors is very important. Why do people price higher than me, I didn’t have the advantage of products, but sell Huobao? So consolidation compared peer sellers of similar goods, they found in the commodity Title refining, merchandise display pictures of the beautiful, the name of the goods detailed have done very in place, one upmanship. Online sales, can not see the actual goods, and this time the text and the expression of the picture is so important, the highest level of network marketing is to allow customers to see a picture of the goods and text on the desire to buy.

has been paying attention to the shop’s external publicity, but ignored the basis of network sales: text + picture. The next stage I will start from these two aspects, re dressing shop pictures and text, look forward to a breakthrough in sales bottlenecks. Want to have more friends interested in communication. Welcome to visit my website without pesticides.

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