What is the difference between S2C and C2C B2C

Different types of merchant

1 services

this is the search order nets and other different platform the most important point, because the C2C and the characteristics of the store on the individual shop are essentially different, it is doomed to search for the essence of network and other platforms. Different search order is S2C (S shop/shopping mall) platform for the real body the store business services. For example, most of the domestic C2C platform, in their businesses on the platform is the majority of individual businesses, no need to store. Search network is not only for the physical store business cooperation, and provide promotional services platform for large shopping malls.

2 different

transactions, because is in the service of business entities, so natural and C2C transactions are very different. The search for network have their own credit system, support three kinds of trading patterns in the foundation of credit system: A. online booking, online store transactions; B. order cash on delivery, online C. pay, National distribution.

3 business marketing is different, the general C2C platform does not have the following features:

A. promotional platform:

domestic existing C2C platform, only provide online commodity information, provide order function, without providing any marketing tools, and search for web provides online merchants to publish promotional information or organize various promotional activities related to the platform, and all the goods in the commodity business, customers can immediately know the page the goods in what promotional activities. With this platform merchants can easily hold a variety of promotional activities.

B. online store and online sales platform:

The essence of the

‘s usual C2C platform is the conflict with existing store channels. C2C is not completely support channels, the price is in trouble conflict store, C2C or B2C is to break the existing channel policy at the expense of manufacturers, thereby reducing commodity prices, but the price is usually reduced to reduce the quality of service, is a short-term behavior. The search for the < online store > and < online sales staff > platform is for the physical business can optimize the current sales channels, improve channel quality, strict control of price strategy, fully implement the responsibility. Customers can search through the online ordering platform for customers to the nearest store or franchise sales staff, by the sales staff to provide the most comprehensive service.

C. online experience center:

with the application and popularization of the Internet, more consultants tend to find the relevant information on the Internet to determine whether the purchase of goods. The search for network entities will assist businesses to provide to provide all kinds of products including video, pictures, animation 3D etc., provide online product experience center, online promotion, in fact, this is also the current Internet advertising form. At the same time, businesses can also display their own shopping environment, improve their own reputation. < >

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