Only 8 months to set up a service to be listed companies such as Alibaba there is such a department

currently, Alibaba group to help businesses listed office has been established and continued operation for 8 months, the cumulative service listed companies to more than 200.

in the past 2016, the electricity supplier brand puppy appliances, starry, as well as service providers, small addict people Meideng technology has listed on the new board; at the same time, three squirrels, October mom, peacebird brand has submitted IPO application. In addition, there are more than 200 Alibaba retail platform to carry out electricity supplier business brands have IPO plan.


Internet electricity supplier is set off a wave of listing.

is in the electricity supplier market and the capital market together with the rapid development of the environment, Ali retail platform businesses and service providers increasingly strong demand for capital. Thinking of "listed bell" for their own development began more and more commercial enterprises, but the market is a professional and complicated process, some problems become a lot of enterprises "stumbling block".

based on this, in April last year, Alibaba group set up to help businesses listed office, designed to meet the needs of listed companies, businesses, service providers to provide one-stop solutions. Specifically include:

according to the Commission for the proposed IPO business requirements, brokers and accountants to docking Alibaba field interviews, and help check the relevant business; assist the relevant agencies to obtain business with ALI platform during the reporting period, sales contract and operation data validation data communication; Ali issued by the relevant departments about the market status of the business in Tmall’s validation data etc..

at present, to help businesses listed office has received three squirrels, Yin man and other nearly 200 businesses in the Ali retail platform to seek business assistance applications, and quickly implement help enterprise IPO.

vice president weidar October mummy said: "we have reported in IPO, in the queue, but this process encountered many difficulties, especially as sales confirmation etc.. Online, people do not want to give you to confirm this thing; but to Ali found that it is very willing to help us do this thing. Ali to help us, we can do a better job in a variety of open and transparent."

and in addition to the preparation of the relevant materials, Alibaba to help businesses listed office also created to share with the listed companies to communicate with the Commission, the exchange of effective communication opportunities. In the past year, assists the business office of the United Chinese electricity supplier Entrepreneurs Club carried out, nearly 50 listed commercial enterprises to visit the Shenzhen stock exchange, as well as related activities over 20 listed service providers to visit the Shanghai stock exchange; and for the new three board business, service providers and other different types of businesses held a special seminar. It is reported that in March this year, the office will also help businesses listed organizations listed companies to the United States to carry out study and research development of NASDAQ, the capital of study tours.


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