Four points to do a good job of hospital network marketing network to achieve new breakthroughs in p

Do not leave the network marketing to render the

private hospital, fuel, more cannot do without the social media imagine if one day leave the private hospital network marketing track, so he had from private into public right. This shows that the importance of network marketing for a hospital, then how to plan a fine network marketing, today I eleven years of personal experience to share with everyone.

traditional network marketing into fine network marketing

for network marketing if we follow the traditional network marketing before the road to the old, as before, the enclosure marketing is not what two things, but what is the fine network marketing of the road, his focus is "fine", "fine" only when do the details, the details of N together, any N+1 the details will defeat your opponent. What is the fine network marketing? We can understand this: what is the fine network marketing, is to you by the customer as the center, through other network media, using the available way, at the right time and right place, at the right price, through appropriate channels, to provide appropriate services to appropriate products the customer, the fine network marketing concept of the emergence of new economy fine network marketing ideas and tools. Then we must do fine network marketing, we must have the following elements.

first: enhance user viscosity

The user viscosity

website, is a combination of many details of the body, only do many details of the site will be able to retain more patients, but in the face of existing strong competition in the market, how to let your competitors from the network talent shows itself in the many? To copy the existing medical website, I also had to use "idiotic" two a word to describe a large number of articles are you copy me, I copied you, some even the name of the web site have not changed over the phone, in this arena copy. Can only be used to describe the language.

analysis of the current medical website article what are the common


1, a large number of popular science articles

2, pure Jianghu copy

3, idiotic medical case.

how to enhance the viscosity of the site it? The author summed up the following eleven years:

1, how to stand out from a number of rival websites.

2, analysis of the user’s motivation, if you do as a user you find a Baidu, what is your purpose?

3, the principle of 10 seconds, the speed of their own ideas, in a short period of time to claw the audience psychology of your site.

4, as far as possible to enhance the credibility of the site, this is the core.

5, interactive, feedback user information, feedback from the enterprise, a powerful tool for medical image, such as A5, NetEase, Sina and other large sites in the article download will have a comment. It’s also the best way to interact.

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