Electric war war again burning mobile phone field war again and again

"double 11" war although the smoke gradually dispersed, but in addition to other electricity providers Tmall and Taobao in the double eleven is not accounted for much of the cheap, but now the Jingdong and dangdang.com mall the old friends and "bar" on. Dangdang.com home hit "ultimate beheaded" a poster. And once again use the Samsung 19308 GALAXYS3 core 1.4G lower than a network of 210 yuan, such as the targeted words of the. Familiar with many Jingdong and dangdang.com mall consumers may recall that in September last year, for the first time in the Jingdong store dangdang.com launched a "decapitation operations", opened the battle between a bitter enemy. Dangdang.com has repeatedly to "decapitation" in the name of the sale to the Jingdong store selling list of the best-selling digital home appliance products. From the "decapitation" efforts, highly targeted, including mobile phone, computer, printers, routers and other types of IT are two commodities in 200-300 yuan. It seems that after 11 years of electricity supplier industry still can not calm.

Jingdong and Dangdang Book War power is not reduced by

cannot calm and mobile phone field, Motorola mobile and Intel, to let people see the U.S. companies seem interested in mobile matchmaking 1+1> chemical effect 2: Motorola mobile market China released its first Intel based intelligent mobile phone MT788, Motorola temporarily from the media to achieve layoffs storm "back" the product level, and Intel has finally found a "enough" partner to appear in the mobile phone conference, only Intel CEO will be in May next year to leave the message written off a part of the festive atmosphere.

in the field of mobile phone addiction Lei Jun, last week also test the water released millet box of the TV based products, although not a response, but does not seem to hinder the rise of "box" boom, get innovation works investment in the "super TV project, LETV in the terminal area again big steps. As the new senior vice president Yang Fang by micro-blog revealed LETV top with intelligent set-top box industry is -C1 1.5G dual core processor, Dolby sound authentication, support DLNA and Airplay functions, the new product will be officially released next month, it seems "box" battle will be staged.

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