Guide Office of the state electricity supplier channel sinks to drive home staff network business

in new network on 21 June, the general office of the State Council today issued "on the support of migrant workers and other personnel home business advice", opinions, guide and encourage the e-commerce trading platform in the channel sink, driven by ofreturned relying on its platform and business network business.

"opinion" clear five tasks:

one, to promote industrial transfer to return home entrepreneurship. Encourage input in the process of upgrading the industry to help the construction of the output of the industrial park, to guide the transfer of labor-intensive industries, the development of supporting industries, such as migrant workers to return home entrepreneurship. Encourage entrepreneurial success of migrant workers and other personnel, conform to the trend of industrial transfer, to fully exploit the comparative advantages of resources and output elements, for the industrial transfer to the home and then re start.

two, to promote the upgrading of the output of the industry to bring home entrepreneurship. Encourage accumulated capital, technology and management experience of migrant workers and other personnel, learn from the industrial organization form and management mode of developed areas, with output the upgrading of consumption structure and industrial structure of the market demand, seize the opportunity to venture Societe Generale, the small shops, small workshops to upgrade to specialty stores and chain stores, brand stores.

three, to encourage the export of resources to graft into the market driven home business. To encourage migrant workers and other personnel to play both familiar and familiar with the market input output resource advantages, the development of modern business leveraging "Internet plus" information technology, based on the traditional ethnic handicrafts, green agricultural products output characteristics of products, mining, upgrading the brand, realized output products and input market.

four, to guide the development of the integration of the 123 industries to promote home business. To develop the county economy, to guide the return of migrant workers and other personnel into the regional professional market, demonstration zone and block economy, to create regional characteristics of the advantages of industrial clusters. To encourage entrepreneurship base, entrepreneurial ability of returning personnel, fully developed country, rural and township rhyme potential value, the development of leisure agriculture, forest economy and rural tourism, promote the integration of development of rural 123 industry, expand the business space. Ethnic minority villages and towns as the platform and carrier, and vigorously develop the ethnic tourism industry, driven by ethnic entrepreneurship.

five, support for the development of new agricultural business owners to drive home business. Encourage the return of personnel to create farmer cooperatives, family farms, agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, forestry and other new agricultural business entities, on the scale of planting and processing of agricultural products, rural service industry and agricultural extension, forest economy, trade marketing, agricultural distribution, information consultation and cooperation to establish cooperation marketing channels, build brand characteristics, decentralized market cooperation risk.

Opinions also asked to strengthen the basic service platform and the Internet infrastructure construction of online and offline. Guide and encourage e-commerce trading platform channel sink, driven by the return of people rely on their platform and business network venture.

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