The electricity supplier has a new mode of free purchase to Dumbledore

September 10th, a new shopping platform free shopping ( on the grand line. This is a free purchase, enjoy the super discount platform. It is combined with other platforms, such as Taobao, the introduction of the relevant trial or discount merchandise, with great price or even free, to provide consumers with goods. Electricity supplier hot today, this innovative model can not help but let a person shine.

free shopping to create a new model of electricity supplier

"free purchase" launched a free shopping platform, and Taobao and other businesses combined, launched a trial, consumers need only in the "free shopping platform for trial, and then through the platform links in Taobao buy, receipt of goods after submitting the probation report within three working days, the platform return users to buy goods amount equivalent to obtain the corresponding free goods.

this model is undoubtedly another innovative form of electricity supplier. A great profit to consumers, enhance consumer praise and stickiness; on the other hand, operation mode need to evaluate consumer praise and commodity Taobao, a real consumer trial report undoubtedly is of great research value and promotion.

free trial, super discount, 9.9 bags of mail a variety of mechanisms

free purchase platform launched three pages, the free trial, discount and pricing products to distinguish. Free trial is that consumers can apply for a trial in accordance with the process and then buy back the money, thus free access to the goods, simply submit a trial report on demand, mostly small daily necessities. Super discount will focus on wine and other larger goods, preferential price concessions greatly to consumers, is similar with the process of trial operation. 9.9 bags of mail is small snacks accessories, small commodity price and shipping, but also cost-effective than Juhuasuan.

platform combined with mutual benefit

Internet era, online consumption has become an important form of mass consumption, electricity supplier platform competition intensified. Free shopping platform to make full use of the hearts of businesses or manufacturers, to give them a platform for communication with each other, both to allow consumers to get concessions, but also allow businesses to harvest.

free purchase will be successful in the form of commodity trial promotion. Businesses or manufacturers need consumer experience feedback. Taobao has become the most important commercial consumers shopping platform, with the platform of the management of operation rules and perfect operation of the business, is also facing pressure and strict management. Although a lot of businesses, although the product is good, but the limitations of the promotion channels, can not communicate directly with consumers, for the shop drilling. Free trial has become a means to promote a lot of businesses, cosmetics trial report, the evaluation of sports shoes, etc.. The free purchase platform trial form to become a bridge, consumers and merchants / manufacturers to communicate together to enlarge the form of this trial.

"free purchase" will be successfully imported rebate network operation mode. The rebate business platform once the wind.

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