Automotive electricity supplier another year the whole car is a false proposition

[Abstract] for the automotive Internet platform, the normalization of the electricity supplier means the upgrading of business models. Automotive electricity supplier may slow, but the process of upgrading the entire industry is worth looking forward to.

reported in November 4th ran technology Tencent

a year ago, the whole network by double eleven carnival, car home, car, Sohu Tmall cars and the rapid spread of the "electric car" this a new term.

if a year ago, the car electricity supplier is still stuck in the stage of brand marketing and collection of potential customers, then today, the electricity supplier participants will give what new solutions?

online all the money to buy a car, the real electricity supplier or false proposition?

over the past year, the car electricity supplier has been marked fake electricity supplier label, if the online channel is still playing the role of the collection of sales leads, it would not be a new story.

in order to reach a "true business" mission, car home for this year eleven resorted to a big move: a Car Buying.

said the "full Car Buying" mode, the car home Vice President Ma Gang of Tencent said, "there are many electric cars do not real electricity supplier, we also did not, basically still remain in the traditional collection of sales leads to the transition of the electricity supplier, so we have to put this thing to the side to push."


but apparently do not agree with the necessity of "full Car Buying" BITAUTO, chairman and CEO Li Bin recently repeatedly expressed his understanding, "the whole car is not users are most concerned about the issue, not the real user problems and need to immediately solve the problem, not even a real problem".

BITAUTO director Shao Jingning in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology also expressed similar views, "all models are never C (user) the main demand at this stage is not B (dealers and manufacturers) the needs of the present stage, neither necessary nor possible".

in the current electricity supplier to test the water in the car, the online completion of the inquiry process and pay the deposit, the line to raise the car to pay the tail is a relatively common practice. U.S. automotive electronic business platform truecar is basically the use of this model.

As for the

user demand for a Car Buying and acceptance, the car home does not seem to worry about, the horse had said prior to the test, in the absence of promotion, there has been a Car Buying orders come in, "we believe that the user is ready".

although all the cars have high hopes, but the car home in this year’s double eleven activities, most of the models are still in the form of deposit delivery. In the whole car models, the car home will be revealed by the repeated payment cooperation for consumers to open up more than 100 thousand of the large payment channel.

sell cars online, offline services can keep up with


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