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Hello, GG, I believe many of my friends have been closed, how to release? A word: do normal station, do not involve copyright

station!Letter from



we checked the pfzx.cn and confirmed that the site is now in line with our policy. We have updated your account records to indicate that it is in line with our planning policy. You will see Google ads on your website again within 48 hours.

to ensure that your account is always consistent with our policy, we recommend that you read our policy in detail: https://s.google.com/adsense/policies. Please note that if you later find your site in violation of our planning policy, we will retain the right to review your eligibility to participate in the program.

thank you for your cooperation.

Google AdSense from


my letter to Google

administrator Hello:

I am a small webmaster, and have AdSense account.

code is the difference between (XXXXXX)

I have a number of sites are normal display ads, but I can not show one of your ads.

I guess: 2 years ago I used www.pfzx.cn for GG advertising (because of the temporary garbage movie station, so did not pass the audit), then I have changed the normal station, and normal station passed GG advertising.

now I put the www.pfzx.cn also made a regular stand for nearly 1 years, think of the GG has been put through advertising, but put GG ads can not be displayed. (I use another corn to parse this site, GG code to display)

also wrote to you last time, it may not be clear, your reply is to let me apply again, but I already have a GG account ah! I do not want to have 2 PIN. Please tell me, what is wrong with me, thank you. What am I supposed to do,


attached: GG multiple stations put GG code explanation:

when you add the AdSense code to a new web site, there is no need to open an account or notify us. The ad code and code search through your AdSense account set up to guide the steps to generate on the label, you want for any page to display Google ads or AdSense search ads on any website are effective. You only need to add code to the page source code, we will automatically detect new sites.

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