Pocket shopping shopping guide counter attack PC end label torn off

It is reported that in July 11th,

news, pocket shopping guide application on-line shopping has recently been low-key PC client site, but the site has almost tore up the "buy" label, become an independent trading platform.

it is reported that this PC version of the site is not a pocket shopping guide App version of the transplant, but for the pocket of the store’s opening shop micro shop platform. Most sellers platform for micro shop sellers, users can complete the payment directly in the platform, without the need to jump to Taobao, the Jingdong, where customers and other shopping sites.

pocket shopping PC version of the page screenshot

pocket shopping PC version is actually a micro shop seller and build

from the site structure, pocket PC side covers shopping trends, a fine man, woman beauty, life Home Furnishing, baby toys, outdoor sports, delicacy products, digital home appliances and other 8 level categories and sub categories, is to create a "small Taobao".

payment, the current version only supports Alipay PC pocket shopping and UnionPay payment two payment. To ensure the safety of transactions, the official micro store also launched a form of secured transactions similar to Alipay: after the payment of the buyers, the official micro store will serve as an intermediary for safekeeping; upon the buyer receiving confirmation after the transaction, the official micro store and payment to the seller.

in April last year, pocket shopping CEO Wang Ke has made it clear to the billion state power network said, pocket shopping had the intention to do the PC side, he is convinced that the future will be intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer in the world, and that the mobile provider market is large enough, it is not necessary to develop the PC version.

for the structures of the PC side of the site, Wang Ke explained to the billion state power network said, pocket shopping is not to be a center of the shopping platform, but simply to give micro shop sellers aggregated traffic.

, according to Wang Ke introduction, as a result of the micro shop seller had focused on the mobile terminal shop, drainage mainly rely on micro-blog, WeChat and other social networks, traffic sources are more dispersed. Pocket shopping has been trying to use advertising to expand the seller’s traffic sources, but a problem exists in the mobile terminal is a lot of support provider advertising alliance (divided by CPS) website also focused on the PC side, not open mobile terminal drainage channels, which lead to micro shop sellers encounter traffic problems.

, therefore, the main purpose of pocket shopping PC version of the site is to open the way through the advertising alliance for the micro shop seller drainage, currently only the seller can pay to show in the PC side of the site. Wang Ke explained.

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