What is the fear of buying luxury goods online Fake

luxury brands on the attitude of the electricity supplier is still somewhat contradictory, luxury turned online, is forced by the pressure of physical store sales decline and luxury brand marketing strategy.

Chinese people are increasingly willing to buy luxury online.

to "double eleven" as an example, according to official data show network show that as of November 11th three in the afternoon, the highest price of goods is a Jaeger Le Coulter mechanical watch, trading volume reached 195499 yuan.

along with the online sales of luxury products showed explosive growth, the physical sales network is shrinking.

November 16th, the world’s largest boutique group LVMH brand LV blowing taps in Guangzhou park square branch. Subsequently, Harbin, Urumqi, two LV stores have closed.

although LV aspects of the weekly Times reporter, said, LV integration of physical store resources, is the strategic layout of the adjustment. The future will continue in the China investment ", but as the representative of LV of the luxury brand contraction layout in China is an indisputable fact.

, according to incomplete statistics, since 2014, in China, Louis Weedon (LV) to close 5 stores; Hermes (Hermè s) close 1 stores (Burberry); Burberry closed 4 stores; coach (coach) closed 2 stores; Hugo Bosch (HUGO BOSS) to close 7 stores in Paris family; (Balenciaga) close 1 stores (Cartier); Cartire closed 1 stores. Prada (Prada) the number of outlets in the Chinese than in 2014 by 3 to 33; Armani (Armani) the number of outlets from 49 to 44; Chanel (CHANEL) store number 11, is half of the most stores period. Experts in the field of luxury, wealth Quality Research Institute, said Zhou Ting, changes in business models are forcing luxury brands to adjust the structure of the store.

2015, luxury electricity supplier first year

before closing three stores in China, LVMH group announced the establishment of the new chief digital Officer (ChiefDigitalOfficer) post, former Apple Corp executive Ian · (Ian), (Rogers) as.

chief digital officer is the rise of senior executives in the last two years, is seen as a powerful boost to the future vision of the organization. For luxury companies, large customer sales management is very important, set the position that LVMH group more emphasis on data marketing and customer data analysis and management." International human resources service solutions provider Randstad director China market Sun Haining said in an interview with reporters.

LVMH for this group, the luxury industry believes that, after the other’s two largest luxury goods group and open cloud electricity supplier in terms of competing big moves, the LVMH group should touch a >

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