Talking about online shop investment in the end what

first: from the fundamental point of departure, network costs, electricity costs can not be ignored

a lot of new sellers never know exactly where to open a shop where the first profitable expenditure, cocoa network costs and electricity that can not be ignored, so don’t underestimate the day of electricity, or ADSL network monthly, but my year network fee is 1200 yuan, 100 yuan a month, electricity one day 5 degrees, 7 hair once, to 3.5 yuan a day, according to this calculation, the moonlight is a network electricity fee + have more than and 200 points ahead. Of course, if the use of cell broadband, Internet access costs can be less.

second: the postage is a big expense

sellers know, now the postage but to the province is also not well, not only is the buyer headache this problem, but many sellers also have a headache this problem, actually, as we don’t want to buy more sellers home a postage, I say the right Oh, ^_^ now, the post is basically 5—7 yuan a kilogram of 0.5 yuan, but also did not count the money box is not a single post, but did not return to the post office so at a mere 3 yuan tolls, who called us ordinary people who venture jodn no car? Yes, I see 80% have no car, even if you drive a car, to the post office, I am afraid to oil money? Well, after all, an ordinary parcel wherever all over our motherland really expensive, general count up the price between 6.8—8.8, I see a lot of sellers have only received 5 yuan Postage is for buyers sake, not knowing it buyers think we received expensive, they know where the postage is 5 yuan more than the total, some even more, the real truth is that we do not bear the seller? Themselves but also subsidizing the postage, subsidizing the postage does not matter only. I want to know the best buyers, ah, most buyers almost never consider from the perspective of the seller, 5 yuan postage to mail through the post office Chinese *, eat what drink what ah, huh, oh, hard yo!!! Also is the cost of delivery, you say we sell house activities, can be free the postage, originally hard earned money profits to pull 1/2 to do the express fee, we did not earn money? In fact, some local courier companies not to most of the time we can only change the seller other courier companies, but a To the local delivery costs than the original charge more expensive, alas, I received 10 yuan courier costs too much, I think we should make money, but to earn money on postage buyers, the reason is very simple, we cannot do business at a loss, since it came to the Taobao is to make money, not money do more is meaningless!


third: packing cost is a big problem!

said that not only is my small sellers, usually only selling baby little things like, thought the little thing to take care of business is just, who knows, that sold only scared ah, light is the cost of packing is a sum of money, I this person. See others received after the baby is simple and shabby packaging general >

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