CN domain bid farewell to 1 yuan registration price or will reach about 100

and IT news December 25th, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice, announced the "CN domain name 1 yuan experience activities will end on December 31, 2008, adjusted by the market price policy will be implemented next year.

According to the changes of the

after the CN domain name market is likely to occur, and the IT interviewed Song Yingqiao of vice president of network, Yingqiao Song said, 1 yuan experience after the event, CN domain name prices will respond to rational state, should be in the hundred or so, because the problem will lead to a renewal, although some attempts to give users a domain name, but some are already in the CN domain was established on the basis of their application users will not give up the domain name, but it will improve the application rate of the domain name CN.

in addition, he said that since the launch of the event, CN domain name registered a substantial increase in the number of people has been recognized by the brand has played. At the end of the event, all will increase in the CN domain based hardware and software aspects of investment, to improve service.

it is understood that since March 7, 2007, CN domain 1 yuan experience activities held, more user experience to the CN domain name of the site, blog, e-mail and other Internet applications. As of June 2008, the total number of sites website under the CN ratio increased from 43.6% in January 2007 to 71.3%, most websites have used the CN domain name, at present, ".Cn" domain name has surpassed the number of Germany’s domain name".De ", to become the world’s second largest top-level domain.

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