Wei Yuan Wei Wei electronic is the future of traditional business


Wei Zhe (Sina pictures)

Wei Zhe left Alibaba, the successful transformation of the case, if there are still doubts about the first two years, the performance of the third years after the establishment of the queen Royal fund, but enough to dispel the doubts of others.

PPS was acquired by Baidu, 91 wireless high price was wholly acquired by Baidu, the 500 lottery network (WBAI.NYSE) landed on the New York stock exchange. The second half of 2013, casaarte fund awards, three investment projects have to be withdrawn.

The original "

Born Under A Bad Sign" casaarte fund, has become the PE light in the winter.

Prior to the establishment of

Jia Royal fund, Wei Zhe has served as B&Q (China) CEO, Alibaba group CEO. Because of his resume both offline and online business, so he to the electronic commerce and investment judgment, has been popular in the industry concerned.

newspaper interview Wei Zhe, see Wei Zhe how to analyze the pattern of development of e-commerce, how to evaluate their investment in 91 wireless and wireless in Baidu’s major strategic significance.

more emphasis on e-commerce

"twenty-first Century": the establishment of Jia Royal fund, e-commerce as one of the three areas of investment. Now, in the past three years, what is your view of e-commerce and what is the difference?

Wei Zhe: all e-commerce, to look at the line, so as to know what stores should exist, which should not exist, or should be in another form.

through this method, can be divided into four categories of retail enterprises:

is the first store will be replaced by the Internet, these areas will cast pure Internet Co — a kiosk selling lottery tickets will be replaced, so we threw 500 lottery network; pirated DVD will be replaced, we cast the video website.

second is in a period of time, the store and the line shop who can not replace anyone. For such enterprises, both sides can not vote, but you can cast a successful combination of the two companies.

third category is catering, wedding photography and other services to rely on the line, the Internet can transform it.

fourth can be sold online, but the line is an extension of the brand, to the customer a certain experience. Apple (519.68,7.17, 1.40%) as an Internet gene so strong company, opened so many flagship store, but the store turnover can be ignored – 80% of people not to buy things. Therefore, Amoy brand should be set up under the line, but not as an online sales standards.

Ma Yun proposed the electronic commerce, but we pay more attention to the electronic commerce, who can use the Internet to the original business methods to break through the bottleneck — we are basically around the main line of the Internet with traditional industries.

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